Deer and Christmas tree ornament

Welcome back to day four of six days of handmade ornaments. I hope you have enjoyed seeing all of the fun homemade ornaments so far. In case you missed it, check out the scrabble tile ornaments, typewriter keys and Christmas tree in a jar.

Today, I will be sharing with you these snow globe diorama ornaments.
I had a half a dozen of these adorable little deer that I bought for a quarter a piece. They were floating around in the bottom of my purse just waiting for glitter, when my purse got stolen from a Starbucks parking lot. So some bad guy probably has some deer they are making diorama ornaments from too.

These were really easy and fun and the possibilities for them are endless! Let's get started!

When I was at Ben Franklin {a local craft store}, I found these diorama ornaments for $.50 each. You can probably find them at your local craft store, or you can splurge and get them here.

I used white paint to paint the inside of the ornament and then spray painted the back of them with gold spray paint.

Once the paint was dry, I used a few cotton balls and spread them out to make snow and glued that down with hot glue. Then I used my mini sisal trees {from yesterday's post} and glued those down as well.  You could also find mini houses or mini people to put inside too.

There are so many fun Christmas ornament diorama's you could create! Come back tomorrow for another easy handmade Christmas ornament idea.

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