Last minute crafty gift ideas

I know, I know, Christmas is in two days, but I couldn't help but squeeze in a few last minute gift ideas that you can make in case you have a few last minute presents to whip up.

I actually had all of these supplies on hand, so no special trip was required to a craft store. But I am a craft supply hoarder, so perhaps you are much more organized and less in need of craft supply intervention than I am.

Regardless, these gift ideas can all be whipped up in under an hour and most of them can be made in under twenty minutes.

I found these burlap canvases with black frames on sale at my local craft store a few months ago. I was holding onto them until I found the perfect project.  After I made a few scarves for a local craft bazaar, I had some plaid fabric left over. I found a few silhouettes on google images and printed them out. I used wonder under on the backside of the fabric and then cut the image out. Remember, your image will be reversed, so if it matters {like for your state} reverse your image.

Then, I simply ironed the fabric onto the canvas.
Project time: under 20 minutes

When I see blank canvases or canvases that can be painted over, I usually buy them. I got this one for fifty cents and painted it blue. I then found a world image {again on google images} and cut that out using a vintage atlas that I had. You want to find the most simple image that you can.

Once you cut it out, brush mod podge onto your canvas. Lay down your continents and then brush mod podge over it to secure it in place.  You can use scrabble letters to spell out peace on earth, or just leave it as is.

Project time: 1 hour

I have big ideas for these framed map signs. My son will be graduating this year, and I think these would be fun graduation gifts for his friends. Simply find a map of an area you want to highlight {I used a few different college towns} and slip it inside your frame. On the outside glass part of your frame, place your cut vinyl. I used the saying "adventure awaits" that I found for free as a cut file from Dawn Nicole.

You could give this to a couple who is adopting, or a friend serving on a mission trip or a couple going on their honeymoon.  The possibilities are endless!

Project time: 10 minutes

Several weeks ago, Target had these grey plates on super sale. I picked a few up and decided to put some vinyl on them that could be displayed in your home. I actually bought the verse as a download from the Silhouette store {couldn't have been easier!} and then resized it to fit my plate.

Project time: under 10 minutes

Now stop reading and start crafting. You have things to make!

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