World globe vintage map ornament

Welcome back to the sixth and final day of six days of handmade ornaments. I don't normally post on Saturday's but I wanted to make sure I finished out this fun week of handmade with a bang!

In case you missed it, check out the scrabble tile ornamentstypewriter keysChristmas tree in a jarwoodland diorama ornament and yesterday's clay antler ornament

Today, on our last day, I am sharing with you a vintage world map globe ornament. You are going to love it!

I am pretty much obsessed with maps, globes, atlases, you name it. When I see them at a garage sale, I always pick them up. There really isn't anything magical to how you make these ornaments. You simply cut strips of paper in quarter inch strips and then mod podge them on to a paper mache round ornament. I picked these up for $1 each or you can find them here for a little bit more.

The paper likes to bubble, so make sure you smooth it flat before it dries. You can also sprinkle on clear glitter to give it a little shine.

I love how you can personalize these ornaments. You can include the map of your hometown, the place you and your husband met, or just someplace that has stolen your heart.

I hope you have enjoyed these six days of handmade ornaments as much as I have creating and sharing them with you!  If you have been inspired to create your own, don't forget to tag me @holycraft on Pinterest, @holycraftblog on Facebook and Instagram and @holycraft1 on Twitter. I would love to see your creations!

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