Vintage tablecloth turned into Christmas tree skirt

I love Christmas! I love decorating for Christmas and I love unpacking my Christmas boxes every single year. Every year I add to the boxes with handmade ornaments like I featured all last week in my six days of handmade. Sometimes, I add big items, sometimes I add small items.

This year, one of the new items I added to my Christmas decor was a new tree skirt. But not just any tree skirt. It's a tree skirt that I made out of a pretty amazing vintage round tablecloth that we got from my husband's grandmother's estate just after she passed away this summer.

I actually see round tablecloths like this at garage sales and estate sales quite often, so in case you are like me, you can pin this or tuck this away and remember when garage sale season starts back up again to keep your eyes peeled for a round tablecloth to make a no sew Christmas tree skirt.

It took me under 5 minutes and I promise, there is really no sewing to make this tablecloth into a Christmas tree skirt. Want to see how?

This is the tablecloth that I started with. It feels like velvet on top and has these neutral pom poms already sewn all around the edge. It's pretty much perfect!

I laid my tablecloth out on the floor and was thankful for the natural fold lines that helped me find the center of the tablecloth.

Then I took one of my dinner plates and laid it in the center. I needed something to help me make my circle. I drew around the plate with a pen.

Then, I cut up one of the fold lines that was already in the tablecloth {if yours doesn't have the fold lines, you will need to iron them in to make this easier} and cut around the circle.

That's it! Now you have a tree skirt that you can use year after year.

For us, this tree skirt carries the memory of our Geigy and we are thankful for it this year since she isn't with us any longer.

Five minutes or less, that's all it takes! Next time you see a vintage round tablecloth, now you know what you can do with it. What kinds of Christmas keepsakes do you make every year?

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