Snow and Christmas trees to make a fun holiday decoration

Last year, one of my favorite Christmas crafts that I made were these die cast cars with snow and mini Christmas trees. They were huge hits at my local craft bazaar last year, so I kept my eyes peeled this year as I did garage sale and thrift store shopping for more things that I could add faux snow and trees to.

I found a few things, and this time, they were even bigger than the little die-cast cars I used last year!

Just a refresher, the faux snow is made from Plaid Collage Clay. It doesn't take much. In fact, I'm still using a tube from last year. Just make sure you seal it up well because it will dry out.

I found a miniature Radio Flyer sled that was about eight inches long. It's pretty sweet. I added collage clay to the parts that snow would likely stick and laid a faux tree inside. Easy peasy.

I love this green wooden truck. It looks vintage, but it's not. I have seen them at stores like Home Goods, but I bought it at {where else?} a garage sale.  Again, I added the snow around the edges of the truck. This time, I tied the tree down to the back with some bakers twine.

This is becoming one of my favorite holiday decorating techniques. The faux snow is my favorite touch. If you want to see the full tutorial go here.

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