Inside a Fixer Upper client's home after the show

Are you a fan of HGTV's hit show Fixer Upper? I am! I just love Chip and Joanna's style and every time I see a show I think that's my favorite one. And then I see another show and I'm like, no, that's my favorite one! With every new {old} home The Gaines's put their hands on, magic happens. 

It seems like everyone has a new found love of shiplap thanks to Joanna Gaines and no wall seems safe anymore with the fun loving sledgehammer wielding Chip Gaines on the scene. Once that huge picture is split open and the new home is revealed to the family by the sweet syrupy words of Joanna saying "are y'all ready to see your fixer upper?" the viewing audience oh's and ah's right along with the clients who are getting to see their home for the first time.

What many of the viewers don't know is that most of what you see on Fixer Upper's reveal day doesn't actually stay with the house. The home is staged by Joanna, sometimes with items from the client's current home supplemented with some items from Joanna's shop Magnolia Market and other items that have been purchased for the home for staging. After the reveal, the clients have to make the hard decision on what items they want to purchase to keep in their home and what they want the crew to take with them. Remember, these clients are making these decisions usually after their budget has been spent on a complete home renovation. There are some tough decisions that have to be made!

My new friend Jaime Ferguson from season 3 of Fixer Upper {A Big Fix for a House in the Woods} has graciously offered to give us a little peek inside her home after the show. I know you want to peek inside, so come join me as Jaime opens her doors for us.

step inside a fixer upper home after the show

Inside a Fixer Upper Client's Home After the Show

fixer upper after staging

Can I Hire Chip and Joanna Gaines for My House?

I see this question get asked all of the time. The Gaines' fame shot up enormously after their first few seasons aired on HGTV. I remember chatting with some church friends of Chip and Joanna and they said for the first season especially, they were looking for just about anyone to work with! It was like Oprah when she handed out new cars. "You get a remodel, you get a remodel!" You could stand in the sanctuary of the church and point out at least a handful of clients from your pew!

But it didn't take long before people were actively moving to Waco, Texas just to have Chip and Joanna remodel their home. Chip and Joanna Gaines still stand by their desire to have a local business and improve the greater Waco area. However, they have their hand in a LOT of projects, so even if you move to Waco, the odds are slim. 

But you can be on the lookout for past clients selling their homes! In fact, as of summer 2022, the Ferguson's sold this home and are in the process of building another home in the area, without the help of Fixer Upper.

Are There Any Unhappy Fixer Upper Clients?

You bet. Strategic editing makes Waco look like an adorable idyllic town. But like any small town, it has its pockets of good areas and bad. I was always surprised driving through Waco that it got this charming small-town feel on TV. 

In reality, Waco, Texas has about 200,000 residents and a poverty rate of about 25%. Inexpensive homes, generally the worst on the block, were being bought up to be featured on Fixer Upper, and while that one particular home in the neighborhood was remodeled, the neighborhood wasn't. So many of the unhappy homebuyer clients that have spoken out, have spoken out about where their home was located and some of the downsides of living in an area that wasn't elevated the way their home was elevated.

The Big Question: Do Clients on Fixer Upper Get to Keep the Furniture?

This is the biggest question I get asked! I think it's so interesting to see how people live in their homes and how staging a home is great for television, but it's not always great for living in. Especially for a family of four. So let's take a look at what the Ferguson family home looked like staged, and what they kept in their home after the cameras left!

Before and After the Staging on Fixer Upper

In case you needed a refresher, this is how we saw the Ferguson's living room staged on the show.

If you remember from the exclusive interview with Jaime, the blue buffet is one of the Ferguson's personal items that Joanna used when she staged the home. (this one is similar)

This is what the living room looks like after the family moved in.

The Ferguson family has added their own touches and while they kept some of the items from the reveal {you may recall seeing those striped armchairs during the reveal. They were in the formal dining area} what I notice is the Bible under the chair and the comfy sofa that's probably seen lots of snuggles with their two kids.

I notice Jaime's plate collection on the walls. If you remember from the show Joanna had designed the glass cabinets for Jaime to use to display her collection. I love that those plates have spilled out and are on the walls. What a great way to display them!

The bar stools still have that same industrial feel, but they have been changed out for a style that doesn't have a back.

Look at sweet Charlie the puppy hanging out in his new digs. He seems to really like his new home.

I'm pretty sure those topiaries on the fireplace were on the blue buffet during the reveal. And of course, staging rarely includes the big black hole of a television that most homes have, but I love that we get to see how functional the Ferguson's living room is for them. 

Just like those pictures from the kids' magazines we love, can you spot the differences? I've got a side by side from the reveal and from the current view now. 

before and after fixer upper home

And another. This time facing into the open kitchen area.

before and after fixer upper home

If you remember from the interview with Jaime, not much has changed in the music room. The guitars were Kyle's from his personal collection.

guitar room

The art that was made for the walls from graphic artist Clayton Thompson was gifted to the Ferguson family by Joanna and the sofa used in staging was from the Ferguson's home.

music room on fixer upper

How much fun was that?! I loved getting an inside peek inside the Ferguson home and I hope you did too! Jaime has done such a great job making their new house a home and I want to thank her for giving us this special opportunity to look inside.

In case you missed it

Find the exclusive Fixer Upper interview with Jaime Ferguson!

fixer upper interview

If you want to know how to get the Fixer Upper look without being on the show, check this out and find some of the links to the items used in this home for staging.

For even more exclusive insider information {including a listing of the paint colors and finishes used in the Ferguson home}, subscribe to my e-mail list.  You will not only receive some insider details that weren't in the interview, you will also see some never before seen photos. Not to mention the paint colors and finishing details.  I know you are dying to rip up every single floorboard in your home and replace it with those amazing hardwoods in the Ferguson home. But how will you ever know how to find those exact floors? Subscribe to my e-mail list! I will send you the inside scoop!

If you can't get enough Fixer Upper and want to visit Magnolia Market, here are 5 things you should know before you go. You can also binge watch old episodes of Fixer Upper if you haven't gotten enough!

Magnolia market

If you make it to Waco, don't forget to stop into Shorty's Pizza shack. You just might run into the Ferguson family! Thanks again Jaime for the inside look. You are the best!

Like peeking inside homes? Check out the latest on how a young couple is rehabbing this historic mansion. You won't believe the changes they have made to it. You can follow along on their journey!

Don't forget, if you can't get enough Fixer Upper, sign up here for more insider details that you can't find anywhere else!

dislaimer: there are affiliate links included in this post. If you purchase from them, I may get a percentage of the sale that will help support my blog. Thank you.


MJ said...

No sour grapes here, just my observations.......

Sorry not to find this info at the links. Feed Blitz seems to have problems, or I do...LOL (I don't have patience with the new technology on top of the old tech that I still have not caught up with).

But from what I could see of the photo album, it's not anything we haven't seen done before.
Guess it's time for me to move to senior housing and take up canasta again.

Unknown said...

I wanted to see the Magnificent Bathroom that Joanna designed in your home. Beautiful!! It's all beautiful!

hferrara said...

You did a great job decorating it yourself. I like the lived in look even more.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for the "reality show" check, it's kinda like finding out you can't keep the prizes you've won on a game show until you pay the taxes for your "prizes", bummer but I was very happy to hear that Chip doesn't cut corners for the sake of timing and production budget but does the job as it should be done and I always thought of the couple as a ying/yang sort of a duo...Chip being silly where Joanna is the more grounded of the two (don't get me wrong, I'm not saying she's a stick in the mud, she's got to have a great sense of humor in order to get along with her husband, lol) they compliment and complete each other and that two souls that were meant to be, actually found each other restores my faith that one day.....
Anyway thanks again for filling us in because now I won't feel so bad when I take notes on how to get the look that Joanna has created (she's always telling us how she did it and why so now I know she's sharing for a reason...or at least that's how I'm going to think from now on as I watch the show). I am VERY thankful to discover through your article that there is a store where I might be able to get an item that I'm unable to remake or find anywhere up here in NJ so again thank you, you've given me alot of answers I didn't even know I had questions about, lol.

Genevieve said...

Wow- looks great!

Anonymous said...

I think it sucks that after people give Chip and Joanna a set amount of money for their renovation budget, that they don't get to keep the final "staged" version of their home without paying "extra" for it. I think they should get to keep the finished version that "we" all get to see!

Anonymous said...

I kept thinking of how do Chip and Joanna did a whole house renovations (including landscaping) for so cheap, now it all make sense if you don't get to keep all the staging furniture store and accessories.

Anonymous said...

my wife and I love the fixer upper show and wonder why they only show 3 homes for the buyers to see,and are the homes checked out ahead of time?

Monica said...

Why would anyone think that a home renovation included furniture? In what universe does that happen? of course it would be staged! Go Chip and Jooanna - keep on bringing us those great Reno and decorating ideas! Love them both!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the showing of 3 homes, one of the 3 homes shown is actually in the process of being purchased before the show begins filming, and pictures of it are sent to the show's producers to begin some design ideas beforehand.

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica,

Someone would think they can keep the furniture because on other shows, like Property Brothers, you can keep the furniture.

Anonymous said...

If Property Brothers lets you keep the furniture then they include it in the initial budget.

Debi said...

Love the info. This show, these people, and the Barnwood Builders are my favorites. Not stupid, I could live in those houses and could hang with both sets of people. (I'm a Johnny Jet fan!) I always wondered where the homeowner "stuff" was. I have pcs. that would go in my house FIRST. 'Like build the house around the antique fancy armoire and my great grandfather's hand carved legged table. Yep, always made this girl wonder where it was and how it figured into the total cost of it all.. Yes, I am a frugal southern girl from Alabama. You know that we treasure "mama & nems" stuff. :)

Unknown said...

If your paying for your home and Reno and don't get furniture what is the reward for the people coming on????

Unknown said...

I would like to know who manufactures the fixtures over the island. I can't seem to find them anywhere.

Ginger Solberg said...

Thank you for sharing, I wondered about the furniture. I love your showing how us real folks arrange furniture to watch TV in open spaces. I 'd like to know if you get to choose where you prefer your budget goes? Say you'd prefer wood floors over expensive coutertops, or quality lights over high end appliances? Can you give your color preference? Love the house and the changes you made. Now as I watch i'll decorate with my stuff in my mind.

rachelteodoro said...

Ginger, I think it's a question a lot of people wonder about. Since Chip and Joanna don't have a TV, they rarely design with one in mind so I totally agree with you! This isn't my home, but from my understanding all design control is relinquished. There is an initial meeting with Joanna about your design and you do create a Pinterest board of ideas, but in the end, all of the choices are made by the Gaines'.

Unknown said...

As some one who has moved several times [ 3 times in the last 12 years] Staging by the realtor is more & more common all the time. .... sometimes the seller will have it staged as well .....and you sure don't get to keep the staging furniture... so was very surprised to see comments that they think less of the Gaines' because the clients don't get to keep the staging furniture.................. seriously? The clients know going in that it will be staged
for the final reveal .. they also know that they can purchase any piece that they want.... Jo even shows them what "renovations" are included within their budget & no mention of furniture......... some folks need to get a grip....

MiMI said...

The after house is beautiful but I would have kept the blue rug. Love the color it added!

Unknown said...

i sure love jo and chip gaines,they are very cool people,if we had bought a house,i would want them to remodel it for me,i all ready knew that when they stage a house that the furniture doesnt stay,but they really do a wonderful job,they are my favorite boyfriend would get along very will with chip, johns about the same as chip.they both make me laugh.

Unknown said...

Love them and would love to meet them. They slam it, they kill it, Yesssss!! (In my Chip Gaines Voice)

Anonymous said...

chip/jo should mention the fact the final reveal is staged so it looks nice. it is a bit deceiving not to disclose that.
other home flip shows make it obvious they are staging the house for the sale. but here they almost want you to think the reno and all the furnishings are what the client gets.

Dawn A said...

I never thought in a million years that the home owners get to keep the staged furniture so it does not bother me to find out they don't.

Unknown said...

@Peggy Ash I agree with you that the clients know that the furniture is staging furniture in advance. In addition when the clients see the plans along with us viewers, we see what's included in the budget and not once have I seen it to include furniture. What I have taken note to is when it is stated on reveal day that an item is a gift to the client. Take a deep breath all naysayers who think that the clients or us viewers are deceived. When in doubt do your research and don't be terribly heartened when the findings are not what you thought or desired.

Property Brothers designs always includes furniture and they frequently discuss shopping for furniture and what items are within or not within the budget. When you see an ad for an automobile with the vehicle in a driveway or garage there's no disclaimer that the house is not included and it would be ridiculous if a consumer was to think otherwise. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the show and what they do to all the houses. I've always known the homes are staged, but I also assumed they use as much of the client's furnishings as they can so they can "stage" around their belongings. However, I'm also guessing/assuming most of the clients are living in their current places and need their furniture and accessories.

Anonymous said...

The Gaine's do a great job and that shows with the delight of the homeowners. To me it's so surprise at all the homes are staged. Its implied several times from furniture not being in the designs, to the piece(s) they get as a gift to the furniture not looking functional for people to live on. Someone asked what the point of going on the show is without furnishings? Ummm hello your home redesigned for free! The budget goes to the construction; materials and labor. HGTV pays Chip and Jo. There's also the whole being on TV if that's cool to you.

Michelle Nickel said...

Thank you for sharing your experience, I absolutely love that couple in the show. I very much was skeptical of that the budget could possibly include those beautiful fixtures and staging items. I just had to know and it brought me to your show and what's funny is it hasn't been two days since I watched you on the show. Thank you again your home is lovely and your taste is wonderful and I loved your insights.
Michelle from San Diego.

Anonymous said...

The only problem I would have with the staging is all the damage to the new perfectly painted walls. She usually chooses large mirrors and shelves and if they choose not to purchase them or can’t afford to, do they repair the walls for them?

Anonymous said...

Awesome article.

Deborah C said...

Absolutely ridiculous complaints. Staging is done globally to sell or renovate property. All buyers or participants are fully disclosed and agree to terms and conditions. Furniture, unattached to property, are not included in the price or budget cost. Some unattached pieces are available for purchase. Some are not. Staging is often used to help the buyers envision the property use. This is a reality real estate renovation show. Furniture and items are also used to help the audience envision the end product.

Anonymous said...

The show is ok. I like Chip, reminds me of my big brother.
Just wish people would stop focusing on the furniture.
Would be nice if Jo would include the homeowner in some the major decisions. she makes it seem like it's all about Jo, & not the homeowner.

Anonymous said...

What difference does it really make on keeping the furniture? Some people seen really upset by that fact. But it’s entertainment! It’s TV. A lot goes on that isn’t well known to the viewers. I’m sure the clients are made aware of all the “rules” before they agree to doing the show. My question is, what do the clients get out of the deal? Do they get free labor? A discount? Paid for doing the show? Or just knowin* they are getting a home designed by TV personalities? I’m guessing the clients get the shortest end of the stick. Advertisers pay thousands. Without clients, there wouldn’t be a show. So what do the clients get out of it?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Greg said...

An anonymous blogger asked; "What does the client get out of this?" How about excellent quality work and materials done right and in a timely fashion. All the proper permits filed and inspections done without any hassle to the client. Any problems discovered are addressed and taken care off properly. Try doing all this on your own. You probably would end up with a contractor who is not what he represents himself to be. Doing substandard work and cutting corners on materials, hiding mistakes and not addressing problems as they arise. Ever watch Mike Holmes, 'Holmes on Homes', 'Holmes Makes It Right'? Look it up and see what kind of nightmares are out there and how much it would cost you in the long run. With Chip and Joanna you would be guaranteed everything done right, no headaches. With the backing of producers and sponsors, you can be assured.

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