Everything you Need to Celebrate President's Day

Fine. Maybe you don't need anything to actually celebrate President's day, but why not? It's kind of fun. If there is one thing I've learned from traveling internationally it's that as American's we know FAR less about the history of our country than people in other parts of the world. So I thought I would put together a fun little post with everything you need to celebrate President's day. Why not celebrate the day in style.

Everything You Need to Celebrate President's Day

Abe Lincoln is my favorite president so I'm kind of obsessed. It's why I had to make a shirt to go along with my new Living Royal president socks obviously. Because what {former} sorority girl doesn't have a matching shirt for every event? 

I used my Silhouette and some heat transfer vinyl to create my Abe is a Babe shirt {you can find a full tutorial on how to use HTV here}. If you don't want to make your own shirt, this one is pretty legit too.

Since I learned everything I know about the house and the senate from SchoolHouse Rock, this mug is pretty cool.

I could probably use this special edition of School House Rock to kick up my knowledge of the government a bit. 

I'm fairly certain we could all use some President's Day rubber ducks. 

I've got a lot of questions so I'm glad there is a single book with all my questions answered.

Why not pick up these handmade Abraham Lincoln Whiskey glasses

Lincoln has some of the best quotes. Like this one. {I promised my husband I would include this.}

I don't know a single person who couldn't use a Teddy Roosevelt cookie cutter. Not a one.

Why not put a JFK quote up on the wall? 

Why not get a letter board so you can put your favorite presidential quote on it for the day.

And finally, I leave you with this verse from 1 Timothy 2:1-2. Don't forget to take time to pray for those leaders who have authority. It's what Jesus wants us to do. 

Happy {almost} President's Day my friends!

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