How to Clean a Front-Loading Washing Machine

This post is brought to you by HomeRight. All opinions are 100% my own.

I transitioned from a top-loader to a front-loader about seven years ago and I haven't really looked back.  I don't love that the front-loading washing machine comes with some cleaning and maintenance, but I do love that it's high-efficiency and it uses less water, which is a big thing since our family of five does a LOT of laundry! So why do you have to clean a front-loading washing machine? Because over time residue from your laundry detergent clings to the inside of your washer, especially to the rubber door seals. Those seals grow mold and mildew and that build-up can create an odor that can cause your washing machine to smell and that smell can even transfer to your clothes. And that my friends is why you need to clean your front-loading washing machine. But how? Well, I'm sharing how I quickly and easily clean my front-loading washer with zero chemicals and little to no elbow grease.

How to Clean a Front-Loading Washing Machine

I'm kind of embarrassed to show you some of these before images. I'm not really a religious washing machine cleaner. I find that as long as I leave my washing machine door open a little bit to let the water dry out, that the smell doesn't really get that bad.

Or maybe I'm just in denial because dang!

The water started to not drain properly in the rubber seal because it was full of {yuck!} dog hair. I seriously thought it was fuzz or something but we had a crack in our dryer drum and the appliance repair guy came out and while he was here I asked him about the build up in the washing machine. After you gag a little {it's OK, I did too!}, just know that there is hope and you can clean this out with very little effort.

1. Add Vinegar

Empty out your washer drum and pour in cleaning vinegar. I found mine at WalMart. You can buy it on Amazon if that's how you roll. Cleaning vinegar is more acidic than regular vinegar, but either will do the trick. Add the vinegar to your detergent tray.

2. Run the Tub Clean Wash Cycle

I have a "tub clean" button on my washing machine. I had no idea it existed for years. You may not know either. If you don't have a tub clean button, you can run your washing machine on the hottest setting.

Once your washing machine has run through the tub clean, prep your HomeRight Steam Machine. Add your water and turn the machine on and allow about 8 minutes for the Steam Machine to build pressure and heat up.

I love being able to clean with steam because not only does it disinfect and kill 99% of germs and bacteria, the high-temperature steam loosens the dirt and grime and doesn't leave behind any chemical residue.

3. Clean the Door

I used the nylon utility brush to break down the residue that was on the washing machine door. I went back over it with a dry rag and it wiped right off.

4. Clean the Inside of the Drum

The drum was pooling water after it ran through a cycle because there was dirt and dog hair clogging the drainage holes. I started by taking a q-tip to the inside area and removed as much of the build up as I could.

Then I took the small nozzle attachment and was able to get into the edges of the rubber and into the drain holes.

I used the steam from the nozzle all the way around the whole drum loosening any dirt and grime. I went over it with a rag and wiped out any of the left over residue.

5. Clean the Exterior

It's easy to switch your attachments on the HomeRight Steam Machine {there is a handy accessory storage drawer in the top of the machine to hold all your attachments}, so I switched back to the utility brush to steam clean the front and the top of the washing machine.

6. Clean the Soap Dispenser

I finished it all off by cleaning out the soap dispenser. I blasted the build-up with steam and then simply wiped it down. Very little elbow grease is needed when you clean with steam.

Check out the difference!

It took me less than 10 minutes from start to finish to clean my front-loading washing machine with my Steam Machine. 

If you don't have one, I use it for EVERYTHING. I have easily replaced nearly all of the expensive harsh chemicals in my cleaning cabinet with this one cleaning appliance. You can even detail you car at home with it. It's easily the number one reason I have a spotless home but I am a self-professed lazy house cleaner

You can read more uses for the HomeRight Steam Machine from cleaning your oven without chemicals to deep cleaning all your homes spaces. Go check it out! Check out more here.

disclaimer: this post is brought to you on behalf of HomeRight. All opinions are 100% my own.

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