The Only All-Inclusive Resort Itinerary You Will Ever Need

I'm really good at vacation. It's like a special skill of mine. I originally thought cruises were my vacation of choice, but I get a little sea sick on the boat and just feel a little off when I'm spending days at sea. Then my husband and I found all-inclusive resorts and I realized that those are my vacation of choice. People are usually surprised when I tell them that our plans for an all-inclusive resort vacation is usually to not have any plans. The thing I like best is that I can do as much or as little as I want to do and I never have to leave the resort. How is that even possible you ask? Let me tell you about my no fail, all-inclusive resort vacation itinerary. 

All-Inclusive Vacation Itinerary 

swim up pool bar

Travel Day

Pick your airline tickets with care. Sure you can save a few bucks by taking a milk run flight with several stops, but is it worth it to get at your destination exhausted? Lay overs can complicate your and provide stressful travel that isn't necessary. Compare the price for a non-stop flight and look into your flight time options. It's best not to leave too early {no one wants to be at the airport before the coffee shops open!} or arrive too late so it's important to find that sweet spot in your travel. 

We have an airline that has a seasonal flight non-stop from Seattle and arrives in Cancun, Mexico in around 6 hours. This is the only airline that will allow me us to get to the Caribbean easily, but if there is an emergency at home, I know I can get back on a non-stop flight in a timely manner. Since it's seasonal, I know when I can travel on this flight easily to one of my favorite destinations in Mexico.

We typically book our all-inclusive resort travel through Apple Vacations because they are frequently among the few-or only-non-stop options to most of your travel destinations. Always check them first so that you can have the most time in paradise.

I've got my eyes on the Riu Dunamar that opened in December 2017 on the gorgeous golden sands of Costa Mujeres 21 miles from the Cancun Airport and only 11 miles from downtown Cancun. We recently stayed at a Riu Resort as a family and loved our stay there so much that we would consider a sister resort. Plus, I love the fact that the resort faces Isla Mujeres. One of my favorite islands in the area. 

Get the Activity List

Most all-inclusive resorts will have an activity list that will be available at the front desk or delivered nightly to your room so that you can prepare for the next day. All-inclusive resorts will have plenty of activities for you to choose from paddle boating to live music and shows. 

Some resorts, like the Riu Dunamar offer free introductory scuba diving lessons so you can try scuba out in the pool before taking an excursion in the beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean. 

If you are bringing the kids, or you are a kid yourself, the Riu Dunamar has opened Splash Water World with plenty of water slides to choose from so you can enjoy one of the five resort pools in a different way!

I like to lounge in my bathing suit pool or ocean-side all day and any activities that I can do casually dressed, I'm all in. 

In the evenings, I get dressed up and enjoy the night time activities that are available. I'm a sucker for live music and a good show and I do love a disco. Those aren't things I do too often in my "normal" life, so it's fun to live it up while on vacation.

Know the Restaurant Hours

You will also likely get all the information on check-in that you need about the various restaurant hours. Many resorts will rotate evening closures for a restaurant in order to better serve the guests, so if you have your heart set on trying a particular restaurant, make sure you plan it into your stay. 

Every evening should be capped off with a delicious gourmet meal at the on-site restaurant. I love getting dressed up and getting ready for a sit-down restaurant experience that we rarely treat ourselves to at home. The Riu Dunamar has mouth-watering options for anything you are in the mood for from Asian to Italian and anything in between.

Save Time for the Extras

There are times when I don't schedule a single thing into my day and I wonder where the whole day has gone! Heck, this has happened to me after a whole week as well. I've found that it's easy to over plan your trip, but it's also just as easy to put off planning anything and then not being able to do the things you were hoping to do, like visit the Renova Spa at the Riu Dunamar that offers luxurious services that will leave you relaxed and in total vacation mode.

We have booked several vacations through Apple Vacations and trust them with all our all-inclusive resort needs. Right now, you could win a trip for 2 adults and 2 children to the RIU Dunamar resort! Enter the #RIUDunamar sweepstakes for your chance to win.

Enter to win here: Family “Dun“ Right 

If you forward the sweepstakes to your friends, you can receive additional entries to win!

Plan as much or as little as you want on your all-inclusive vacation, but choose a resort like the Riu Dunamar that offers plenty of options for whatever makes you happy during your stay. It's Family “Dun“ Right.

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    Anonymous said...

    Do you have any concerns about traveling in Mexico because of the U.S. travel warnings?

    rachelteodoro said...

    Great question! Not a single one! I've never once felt unsafe in Mexico. Ever. I think part of that has to do with the fact that we almost never leave the resort property ever, which is another bonus of staying at an all-inclusive resort. There is no need to ever leave to go to dinner or to seek out entertainment. My husband and I went to Mexico in November and again just six weeks later with our family in December, both times with a travel warning, never once did we feel at risk. That said, you are traveling to another country and you should always be cautious of your surroundings and the situations you are putting yourself in. But no, I didn't for a second hesitate to take our whole family and ignore any of the warnings.

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