Master Bedroom Closet DIY Built-In Transformation

My master bedroom closet has undergone the most transformation of any room in our whole house since we moved in nearly eight years ago. It was the one space that had me scratching my head the most. You see, my husband and I both have our own walk-in closets and it's delightful. My husband's closet is in our bedroom and mine is off of our master bathroom. It's long and spacious and bigger than some New York City apartments. But it had these cheap wire rack shelves that made the space nearly unusable. I knew it had potential, and slowly I've been tweaking it so that it can live up to its potential. Why not take a look with me and check out my master bedroom closets transformation. If you have any desire to put in built-ins, this will help answer some of your questions.

DIY Master Bedroom Closet Built-In Transformation

Let me start by saying that wire shelves in a closet are not the best way to maximize your space. I saw a room full of potential but until that happened, I made the most with what I had.

That's not saying that it didn't take me some time to figure out what that was though. 

Until kids start officially moving out of my home, my closet doubles as my sewing room. There is a wall at the back that works perfectly to hold my sewing machine, serger, fabric, and sewing supplies. Even that has evolved over time. 

I needed additional storage shelves for my projects, something not wire so stuff didn't fall through the cracks! And a built-in workspace with plenty of outlets behind gives me a great space to create in plus new can lights above so I can see. It's kind of important. 

You can see the first part of my closet transformation here.

I may have heard a hallelujah chorus singing when we got rid of the wire shelves. I knew I wanted built-ins in my closet with lots of drawers. That was important to me. 

We went the semi-DIY route. We designed and ordered 39 boxes and 1400 pounds from Easy Closets. I have zero affiliation with them {hit me up Easy Closets}, but would totally recommend them if you want a money-saving option and you have some handy skills to install them. If you don't hire someone.

I am not the world's most organized person, but I have been so much more organized after I had my closet installed. There is something about having a space for everything that makes me put everything back in its space. 

Plus, it looks so nice when it's clean.

You can see the second phase of my closet transformation here.

Last year about this time I started getting an itch to do something in my closet again. I always regretted not painting the walls of my closet before I put the built-ins in. I felt like I was forced to live with these khaki-colored walls that were peering out behind everything. 

So I decided to dip my toes in and put up "wallpaper." Why is that in quotes you ask? Because I used Contact paper from the Dollar Tree to wallpaper my walls. It cost me under $20 and I LOVED it!

Heck, I look back on pictures and I still love it. BUT, sadly Contact Paper is not a permanent solution for walls. It sure as heck gave a good temporary solution though that didn't cost a lot of money. The paper started peeling up from the walls and I daily wandered in and pushed it back again, but I knew it wasn't going to be a long-term solution.

Adding the wallpaper though had me realizing that I really really wish I had painted the walls behind the built-in shelves because the color limited how I decorated in the space.

See phase three of my closet transformation here.

And that leaves me here. With you, telling you that it wasn't too late to paint the walls! 

I tore the Contact paper back, removed everything in my closet {it wasn't pretty!}, and picked out paint. 

I used Sherwin Williams Extra White Emerald Interior paint to take me back to the place I wish I had gone after I removed the wire shelves.

Hindsight my friends. It's always 20/20. 

Zero things changed in this space other than the paint color and look at how much brighter it looks already! That was my goal. Paint can make such a difference in a room.

easy closets built in

I'm pretty sure I still want to put in some punch of color and texture in there. Probably by bringing in some fun wallpaper. Now that I tried the Contact paper, I know I could love the more permanent solution of paper on that back wall. 

Once the kids move out, I'll be able to change one of their rooms into my sewing room and designate the space at the back of my closet for more clothes, but until then, this space is working well for me.

I'm loving the clean fresh look of freshly painted walls and the blank slate that it offers.

Moral of the story, paint the walls while you can! It's WAY easier painting a blank slate then cutting in around built-in shelves!

Considering built-ins? Check out Easy Closets. I'd recommend them!

disclaimer: Sherwin Williams was kind enough to supply the paint I needed for this project. Thank you Sherwin Williams!


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What an awesome closet makeover! I'm pinning this to my board for our dream home that we're hoping to start building later this spring.

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