The Best Food Trucks in Portland

There are hundreds of food trucks to choose from in Portland, narrowing down your options is the hard part. Portland is world-renowned as a popular food destination, mostly because of it's large food cart and food trucks offerings. After my wildly popular Best Food Trucks in Seattle post, I thought I'd follow it up with a post on the best food trucks in Portland. Here are a few of my top picks.

The Best Food Trucks in Portland

Are you looking for some of the best food trucks Portland has to offer? Search no more! Here are three to consider.

Bing Mi 

Who doesn’t love breakfast food? One such dish popular in Beijing is jianbing. It's made with a crepe that acts as a wrap for egg, black bean paste, chili sauce and a wonton skin or small doughnut.

The end result is an incredibly delicious and filling sandwich so popular that jianbing vendors line the streets in cities all across China to serve this breakfast staple to hungry customers day after day.

Since opening in 2014, Bing Mi has made it possible for the people of Portland to join in on the jianbing craze without the need to travel across the world to try one. Now, it's your turn!

The Frying Scotsman 

Another food truck introducing Portland to traditional cuisine from a different country is The Frying Scotsman. Be prepared to order fresh, hand-battered fish, homemade chips and sauces on par with what you'd expect when eating at a restaurant or pub in the UK.

Before owner, James King, moved to the area he was a chef in the UK and had always dreamed of owning his own fish and chips restaurant. He set out to make his dream come true, and now it's a reality. Besides authentic fish and chips, he serves up classic UK treats like mushy peas and fried mars bars.  

Chicken and Guns 

Down on his luck, Chicken and Guns owner Dustin Knox found his true calling when he crossed paths with a policeman at a checkpoint in Mexico. It's there he was handed a piece of wood-grilled chicken with salt and pepper on the side.

The simple meal served as the inspiration Knox had been searching for. Chicken and Guns was created as a result. Their focus is mesquite and oak wood-grilled chicken with Latin flavors, achieved by using a variety of spices, chimichurri and handmade sauces that perfectly compliment the smoky flavor of the wood. They also make excellent sides including fresh salads and perfectly crispy potatoes.

Hungry yet? If so, think about patronizing one or more of these talented food vendors. Yumminess awaits you!

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