Things to Do at Walt Disney World That Don't Require an Admission Ticket

I love all things free and cheap, but sometimes that's hard to come by on a vacation, especially a vacation to Walt Disney WorldMuch of the magic of a trip to Walt Disney World starts with admission to one of the parks. But, that doesn't mean it's absolutely necessary to purchase a ticket for the day in order to have the kind of fun you expect on a Disney vacation. How cool is that?

Here are a few fun possibilities of things to do. They're cheap {or even free} and don't require you to buy a park ticket for the day.

WDW free and cheap vacation budget tips

Things to Do at WDW That Don't Require an Admission Ticket

free and cheap WDW vacation budget tips

Disney's Boardwalk

Disney's Boardwalk is an exciting dining and entertainment area located on the edge of the lake, near Epcot. It's themed after famous boardwalks such as Atlantic City and Coney Island, around the turn of the century.

Try your hand at a variety of arcade and carnival style-games or walk around the boardwalk and check out live entertainment like jugglers and Jazz ensembles. Members of your group who are over 21 may want to visit Jelly Rolls, a piano bar featuring sing-alongs to pop favorites.

Disney's Hidden Mickey's

Discover hidden Mickey mouse shapes all over the parks and grounds. Many are hidden in plain sight and it's a fun discovery for the whole family to join in on. 

hidden mickeys

Disney Springs

A mix of great food, shopping and live entertainment options make Disney Springs an exciting place to visit. There are over 50 different stores to explore, both for Disney brand merchandise and other brands like LEGO and Coca-Cola.

disney springs

When you get hungry, consider themed dining experiences to include Rainforest Cafe and Planet Hollywood. In addition to the entertainment at these eateries, there are a number of other shows and events throughout the year at Disney Springs. This includes movies, music, live dancing, and more.

You might also spend the afternoon at the LEGO Imagination Center, a 3000 square foot LEGO-themed play area featuring thousands of blocks to play with as well as impressive structures that have already been built.

Disney Resorts

Every Disney resort has a different theme and offers a different experience for guests who visit there. Some of them are home to live shows and dinner experiences as well. But, be forewarned, these can be a bit pricey. 

WDW resort tram

One feature that all Disney resorts have in common is at least one stunning pool. Each has a theme and many have shaded areas and hot tubs for the adults in your group to relax in. 

If you want to make a day out of visiting different Disney resorts, you can easily make a game out of it by collecting something such as a pressed coin from each one you visit. 

Whether you live in the area and are looking for an inexpensive way to spend the afternoon, or you're planning a trip to Disney World and want to spend a day exploring outside the parks, there are plenty of opportunities for you to have a good time without paying admission. 

All of these locations charge a small parking fee, but you can visit them without paying for parking, if you're staying at a Disney resort {via Disney's transportation system}. 

This is very handy if you're arriving at your resort halfway through the day and don't want to waste your ticket on a partial day's visit.

You can do Disney on a budget! Promise!

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