Santa's Magic Key Plus Free Printable

Not everyone has a house with a chimney and this time of year that can be quite disturbing. Not because it's some DIY project you should put on your to-do list, but because of Santa, that's why. Parents with inquisitive kids know this can create quite the conundrum, so why not explain that there is a "magic" key that will let Santa enter into your home on Christmas Eve when he can't go the traditional chimney route. If you've got a concerned kiddo, put their mind to ease with Santa's magic key.

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Santa's Magic Key Plus Free Printable

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Kids ask the darndest things. Sometimes we aren't prepared for the questions and we get caught off guard, so why not get ready for the inevitable question "how will Santa deliver presents if we don't have a chimney?" and make Santa's magic key this holiday season.

What is Santa's Magic Key?

Santa's magic key is a special Christmas key that has magical powers and will only let Santa in through your front door if you don't have a chimney or fireplace. 

How Does Santa's Key Work?

Well, magic of course! Just hang the key on the front door on Christmas Eve {or in an agreed-upon location} and the jolly guy in the red suit will be able to quietly sneak inside, eat his plate of cookies and leave the presents under the tree.

Making Santa's Magic Key Part of Your Tradition

You can make Santa's magic key a part of your holiday tradition. Here are some ideas.

Have your Kids Write a Letter to Santa

Santa needs to know where to find the key, so let him know where it is when the kids write a letter to Santa. Will it be hanging on the front door or under the front mat? Have the kids think about where they feel most comfortable hanging the key.

Have your Elf on the Shelf Deliver the Key

The Elf on the Shelf can make the decision on when the key makes its yearly appearance. Have the Elf bring the key in a creative way so the kids can start getting excited about it.

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Put the key in an Advent Calendar

Are you counting down the days until Christmas with an Advent or countdown calendar? Putting the key as the prize that day would be a great way to help kids get excited about the arrival of old St. Nick.

Have Santa Hide the Key

Once Santa is done with the key on Christmas Eve, have him hide the key in the tree somewhere. The child who finds it can be the first one who gets to open a present on Christmas morning. 

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How to Make Santa's Magic Key

Making Santa's magic key is easy! You can purchase this beautiful keepsake Santa's key for just a few dollars. Download the free printable, print and cut it out. It's best to use cardstock or chipboard to create a heavy-duty tag that will last, but if it doesn't, you can always print more! Then tie the key and the tag together with a ribbon or some twine. It's that easy!
santas key for home without a chimney free printable
Download Santa's magic key here
**Santa's Magic Key download is for personal use only. Please do not print this to resell this. This download is for personal use only. It is protected under my Copywrite.**
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I'd love to see how you use Santa's Magic Key in your home. Once you make it, snap a picture and tag me using it on all social media @msrachelteodoro.

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