Auntie Anne's pretzels

I grew up in Indiana. I like it either hot or cold, not mild. I have lived in the pacific northwest now for nearly 10 years and I am still not used to the winters here. They are my least favorite part. So while every other state (even the warm ones!) are getting hit with snow, we get torrential downpours that no one wants to play outside in. At least with snow you can head out and build a snowman or go sledding. No one wants to play in rain. Anyway, I launch into that long rant about the weather here because I spent some time the other day taking the kids for some exercise at the mall. Yep, that's what we do here...lots of indoor play areas and window shopping. I came home from the mall with a major hankering for a pretzel from Auntie Anne's. I did a quick google search and found a recipe that is worth sharing. I balked at the addition of the powdered sugar, but really, it made the pretzels perfect. I don't have any shots of the after but here are a few of them while my kiddos and I were making them. YUMMO!


Camille said...

Hello - found your blog from Crafterhours and would love to try these pretzels but the link is broken. You didn't happen to print and be willing to repost?

Unknown said...

Awe man...I don't think I printed it. And I can't find the link either. If you look around it has powdered sugar in it...most don't. I will see if I happen to have it still. So sorry.

Dana said...

Found the link! Thank you so much!!

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