Tutorial for a purse pocket

Purse pocket

I know there are men reading this blog (Hi Fred!) so I am going to be as non descript as I can while still describing this little thing I call the purse pocket. It really is just a fancy name for a tampon holder. Sorry guys, maybe that wasn't quite so subtle! So in order to remain subtle from this point forward, we will refer to this little "keeper" as the purse pocket. I have a nice little inner pocket in my huge ginormous purse, and in that pocket I like to keep my cell phone and a few other "things" hidden inside. I'm still new to the whole cell phone craze so on the rare instance that it rings, I think for sure someone must be on fire because really, why else would someone be calling me. So in my frantic rage to get to the phone before it heads straight to voice mail (which I never check because it costs me money) I usually always fumble around with those other "things" that are hidden in that pocket before grabbing the actual thing that is ringing. Here is my solution, the purse pocket.

You need two scrap pieces of fabric that are 5 1/2" by 8 1/2". I like the contrasting fabrics, but you could use two pieces of the same material.

Sew close to the edge all the way around leaving a small opening on the short side of the rectangle for turning.

Turn it inside out and iron flat making sure the seam is ironed in. You will be sewing over it in the next step. I also fold the long sides in at this point and iron those down. Make sure the fabric that you want on the outside is on the inside of your fold.

Sew the two ends (this is where you close your seam) and then turn inside out. Here it is! Your purse pocket.


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

That is great!

I don't sew and even I understood your tutorial. I especially love that you don't have to install a zipper.

i might try to make one. Thanks!

Unknown said...

So glad it inspired you! It really is super easy. To make it easier use two pieces of the SAME material, then it won't mess you up quite as much to know which way to turn it! Good luck!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Those are handy! Hiding those cuties is a great idea!

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