Dollar Store ornament update with glitter

Dollar Store ornament update with glitter

Glitter is usually banned at my house.
My husband is not a big fan of glitter.
At all!
In fact, I made up this little sign about glitter with his favorite saying about glitter.

Just last week, I was perusing the aisles of my local Dollar Store and happened upon these super marked down, last years light bulb ornaments.  They were 25 cents for a two pack.  This whole bowl was only a dollar!  They don't look too spiffy on their own, but I immediately thought that they could be amazing with a little glitter.

Remember last month when the good people at Tulip sent me a nice package of goodies?  Well, this whole big industrial size box of 24 glitters was inside that box.  I gathered up a few foam brushes and some mod podge and tacky glue and thought that this might be a fun project for my two youngest kids (10 and 7) to help me on.

I poured the tacky glue on to a plate and put the glitter into a bowl.  I like to use paper plates and bowls for these projects because you can just toss everything when you are finished.

I brushed tacky glue (or mod podge) on the ornament where you want the glitter to stick.
Make sure it's a thin layer.   If it's too thick, it drips and the glitter runs with it.  Not so awesome.

Proof that I actually let one of my kiddos help me on a project!

This is my 10 year old daughter sprinkling glitter on to her ornament.  We used one bowl to dump it into and another to dump from.  You know, trying to help consolidate the mess.  
No such luck!

Make sure your whole ornament is glitterfied

and then hang it on your tree to dry.

We packaged a few up to give as gifts.  Aren't they so much better now that they have glitter on them?
And for a quarter for the pair, you can't beat that!

Do you have a love/hate relationship with glitter too?


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Bahahahaha, the herpes of the craft world!

I design costumes for the local community theater so I use a lot of glitter and sequins! I hate glitter. Lol. I gets on everyones costume not just the costume I originally put it on.

Carolyn said...

I love glitter! Glitter makes everything better.
I worked in a craft store for years and there wasn't a day I didn't end up with glitter on me and I actually miss it.

DownTheLaneWithDaisy said...

I just bought some glitter for the first time so I'm pondering that comment from your husband. I may have to rethink this, lol. Your project is pretty.

Lily Bean said...

hahhaha! that saying is perfect! i love it!
and the ornaments came out wonderful!

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