How our family rocks...and why I didn't want to be the mom of a drummer

Music is a HUGE part of our family life.
I have always loved music.
Probably because my Dad loved music.

I grew up listening to very diverse artists.  Some of my favorite memories are of early evening drives with my Dad in his white {mid-life crisis edition} convertible.  We would drive around the country roads of Indiana with the wind whipping through our hair listening to Bob Seger.  Yep.  I can sing word for word every bit of "Night Moves".  Jealous much?

I knew music would always be an important part of my life.
When I got pregnant, we played classical music through headphones to my swollen belly, and when my oldest son was a baby we enrolled in Kindermusik classes and by age 6, he asked for his first guitar for Christmas.  It didn't take my husband long to pick up our son's guitar and start playing himself.

6 years

Aidan continued to play guitar throughout the years, though his real passion was for drums.

13 years

Guess who dragged their feet for years on that one?  Drums are loud! You can't get away from them and they take up a huge amount of space in your home.

After years of sticking with various bands at school, and playing clarinet {an instrument he didn't really enjoy} and guitar in jazz band, we were finally convinced by Aidan's band instructor that Aidan had a natural talent for drums {he always gravitated to the drums in band class} and his teacher told us that Aidan was actually better on the drums with no {formal} instruction than he was at clarinet with years of playing.

So, we finally succumbed.
Aidan got his first drum kit for his 13th birthday, and with two lessons made the upper level band at school on his first audition.

While drums are still VERY loud, it's pretty awesome to see your child excel at something they enjoy.   And not only that, but to see other people enjoy his musical talent as well.

 Aidan has only played for a year and has a lot to learn, but most people are quite impressed at how far he has come in just a year.  He's currently playing on our worship team at church, with two youth groups and is always looking for other opportunities to play.

I sometimes think I live in the loudest house in the city.
It's pretty common to have drum practice going on in one corner of the house, my husband playing guitar in another and my kids and I rocking out to "Party Rock" dance music on Pandora.

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Lily Bean said...

too cool! what a talented bunch! good luck =)

both of my brothers and most of my cousins are gifted in more than one instrument... but me? nope... i guess i didn;t get that gene haha

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