Garage Sale Finds Friday Edition 47

Welcome to another week of garage sale finds Friday.
Where I share with you some of my favorite garage sale finds from the week before.
I hope you had a fabulous Fourth of July!
We sure did!
Let's dive right in to the treasures.
I picked up this awesome Royal Metal Corp. vintage chair in pristine condition for only $5.
It's a beauty!
If you peek behind the chair, you will also see an old oar. 
I love old oars and can't pass one up when they are reasonably priced.
I picked up that one for $5 from an old boy scout.

Sheet music is one of my favorite things to craft with.
I picked up this whole pile for $5.

I've been working on completing my youngest son's room.
I got this bright red tool box for it.
I paid $3 for it.

So those are the deals I picked up worth sharing.
Did you find anything awesome this week?


srpprcrftr said...

Great finds gal. Love the chair and especially the oar. I'm an oar person also, lol.
I did find a hammered aluminum dish of some kind at the thrift store today. They had 3 or 4 more but I didn't have much money. What I bought was $1.75 and I found a paperback book for .25. Not too bad.
When we lived in KY there was a little town east of us with several antique/vintage stores that carried a great deal of the hammered alum. I have a few pieces still I refuse to part with. It's poor people's silver. They look pretty when I get them together in one place.
Happy summer

Susan @ SunflowerHugs said...

Really great finds!

Carolyn said...

I love the oar. I have decided that I want to collect them for a headboard, hoping I can fine enough.

Craftcherry said...

That chair and the toolbox are wonderful!
I wish I could find treasures like that here in Texas. I must not be looking in the right spots!

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