These are a few of my favorite things...

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

I've been seeing a lot of things that are just too good not to share with my readers.
So, I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite things accumulated in a handy little post.
I'm not getting compensated for this post.
None of these people are sponsoring me.
Just sharing with you things that I love and maybe you will love them too.
I've started training for my fourth half marathon.
I live in a small town and can easily run through three towns on a five-mile run.
Problem with running in my small town is that there are very few sidewalks, so I find myself running on roads the majority of the time.
I don't normally run with any ID, but I thought that with the amount of road running that I am doing, that I should definitely run with some form of ID.
Just in case they needed to piece my body back together.
I took my concern to facebook and many of my runner friends suggested Road ID.
I ordered the slim version and found that the ordering process was quite easy.
I loved that when I ordered, the site told me their suggestions for helpful information, and even included things that weren't helpful (like your street address).
I feel better running with it, and it's so super slim that I don't even notice it.

While we are on the topic of running, I wouldn't run anywhere without my Garmin forerunner 305.
I am very inconsistent with pacing, and knowing my distance and time run is so helpful during training runs.
Since getting my iphone last month I've tried out some great new apps.
One of my favorites for logging my workouts is map my run.
I've used map my run for years now, but found that the on-line portion of the mapping was getting too difficult to use.  They wanted you to sign up and pay for what seemed like nearly every feature.
I use my map my run app to just log my workouts.
I followed this tutorial from The Super Messy Supermommy to create custom iphone apps to make everything prettier.

I used the free app cocoppa

I've spent some time meeting lots of new vendors at street fairs, farmers markets and small shops.
One I fell in love with at a small farmers market on Whidbey Island was Dewdrops by Desa.
She had some amazing hand crafted jewelry and gifts that were so fun looking at.
Like this Fight to Win necklace
FIGHT to win - Message in a Bottle Necklace
and this silver heart and raw brass bangle
Silver Heart and Raw Brass Bangle

I won't even try to explain the small world connection that links me to this next shop that I want you to get to know.  I'm a sucker for fun graphic prints and Persimmon Prints does not disappoint.
Wouldn't this be great framed in a nursery? 
Sleep Until the Dawn is Done print

Sleep Until the Dawn for All is Well 8 x 10 Print
And I love this brave wings print
You should check them out.
You will love them too!
With Brave Wings She Flies 8 x 10 Print (Grey Background)
My oldest son thinks he is part Asian.
He loves rice.
I finally broke down and bought a brand new cuisinart rice cooker for $5 at a garage sale for him.
It's just one more gadget, but I love it.
I can steam vegetables on top while the rice cooks for dinner.
It's been well worth the $5.
You can buy it for around $45 here.

So those are just a few of my favorite things.
What are some of yours?
Care to share?


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

What a great deal on that rice cooker!

Carolyn said...

That brass bangle is so pretty. I love my road id. I have had the sport version for years, got it after I was hurt kayaking on the river and realized although all the guys I paddle with know me well, they don't have any contact information for me. And it is great for running trails in the woods. My next one will be the slim version. They make small versions that are great for kids on those family trips.

Craftcherry said...

I really need to get one of those id bracelets. I do a lot of walking/running after dark and while the streets are well lit, I sometimes worry.

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