Tooth Fairy Ideas

With three kids, the tooth fairy has made her fair share of visits to our house.
The last visit the fairy made, my seven year old wrote this note.

Which had me thinking,
I bet there are some great tooth fairy ideas out there.
Pinterest and the internet did not disappoint!
Here is a round-up of fun ideas for the tooth fairy.

Tooth Fairy Ideas 

This hemp tooth fairy pillow from pilosale on etsy is such a fun keepsake.
little hemp tooth fairy pillow
How cute is this tooth fairy doll from Perry Jayne?
These little tooth fairy sacks are super cute!
What kid wouldn't love getting a receipt for their teeth?
This is a great looking one that looks real.
The Ramos family has these free tooth fairy receipts to use.
Oh my gluestick has this free printable too.
My kids like to write notes to the tooth fairy.
I just  never thought to make them miniature size.
So cute!
This is a free note from the tooth fairy from the intermittent blogger
This is an adorable DIY note for your kids to make for the tooth fairy from Handmade Charlotte
DIY Printable Tooth Fairy Notes
This note from leafcutter designs is adorable.
There is something magical about glitter.
A mindful Momma sprays glitter hairspray on the money.
You can even fold the money and put glitter on it.
Move over, glitter. Folding tooth fairy money into shapes is the next thing.
and finally,
if you have a little one obsessed with fairies, you can take dollhouse parts and make your own tooth fairy door like Jaimee Rose.
What are some of the tooth fairy traditions in your house?
How much does your tooth fairy leave?

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Michelle Paige said...

What adorable tooth fairy ideas!

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