The dilemma with boot socks. What to do when you take off the boot. I need your help!

For the past few years, skinny jeans and leggings have been the in thing to wear.
I have fully embraced the trend and love wearing my new Frye boots 
{thanks to my in-law's for their Christmas gift!}
with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans.

Problem is when I wear this ensemble and go to a friends house that has a shoes off policy,
the whole outfit isn't cute anymore.

All of a sudden, I'm standing there, with socks pulled up to my knees over my pants looking cray cray.
Do you push the socks down, do you leave them up, do you take them off?
What is a girl to do?


Unknown said...

I never care! Boot socks are cute! Leave them up. :]

Lauren said...

Leave as is, or scrunch down a bit. Rage Against The Minivan had a really funny post about the shoes off policy and how that interferes with outfits! :)

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