How to save money on your prescriptions

We are fortunate that our family is very healthy.
We don't have any prescriptions that we fill on a regular basis
{besides the epipen}.

Because we are a healthy family, we are on a high deductible insurance plan.
What that means is that we are paying out of pocket for most medical expenses, including prescriptions.
This simple tip that I am going to share with you, is how I save our family money on the prescriptions that we need to fill.

It's as simple as calling around.

I am traveling to Africa this summer and need to complete several vaccinations before my trip.
The oral typhoid is one of them.
I spent about 20 minutes calling these 7 pharmacies to get their cash price on the prescription.

As you can see, there is a huge discrepancy from pharmacy to pharmacy for prescription medication.
Quite honestly, until we started our high deductible plan, I had no idea!
The prescribing Doctor would ask where we would like the prescription sent to, and I would choose the pharmacy closest to my house, or the one I needed to run errands to 
{who doesn't need an excuse to go to Target?}
Now, I ask for a hard copy of the prescription and I take the time to call around to my local pharmacies to get the best price.
Just because Costco is cheaper for this particular medication, it doesn't mean that it will be the cheapest for every medication.  Unfortunately, you have to call around every time.  And because medication prices are constantly changing, the cheapest pharmacy one year, may not be the cheapest pharmacy the next year.
Do you have any good money saving tips for getting your prescriptions?

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Erin said...

Great tip! I never knew! I recently had a cream for Excema to fill. I wasn't too crazy about getting a huge tube for almost $100when we weren't sure it would work. So we had it filled 1/3 of the size. It helped within days so I didn't need the larger size or the remaining portion of the rx!

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