Is it dead yet? A gardening tip that will save you money!

If you are like most homeowners
{and some apartment dwellers}
the first signs of spring have you rushing out to plant flowers around the house.

For the past few years, I have planted annuals in the pots in the front and back of my house.
Sometimes they grow and bloom all summer,
sometimes they die in just a few weeks.

If a plant isn't hardy at my house, 
it's probably not going to live for long!

I manage to feed all of my children on a fairly consistent basis,
watering and fertilizing plants isn't usually high on my radar.

Which is why I only buy plants from stores that have a return policy.
And quite honestly, most do,
though not everyone takes the store up on their return policy.

You have to read the fine print!

The annual geraniums that I purchased at Home Depot have a 90-day return policy.
Before I even left the store parking lot, I calculated the date 90 days from the day I purchased them,
minus 5 days
{because life is busy and I have to give myself a grace period!}
I entered that date into my phone with the event title 
"is it dead yet?"

garden tip that will save you money

When that date comes, I can check my plants and know if they are in the return window.
If they are, I can take my receipt
{that you stash in your monthly receipt envelope}
and my dead plants and exchange them for something living.

For even more money-saving reasons on why you save your receipts check out this post!

Perennials have a year-long return policy at most stores.
This is fantastic to know if you are doing a major landscaping project in your yard.
Some plants don't like the ground they are planted in, 
the soil may not drain well, or the winter was harsh.
Regardless, the store is happy to return your plant, 
usually no questions asked,
if you have your receipt and you are within your return time window.
It's happened to all of us.
Next time set a reminder.
Is it dead yet?


Susan @ SunflowerHugs said...

I seriously need to do this! Thank you for such a great tip.

Unknown said...

I have never thought to do this - good idea! Thanks for linking up to The Creative Exchange linky party!

Craftberry Bush said...

so great ! hubby and I were just asking each other that about our apple tree, which we planted last year...:) xo

Amy C said...

I would have never thought of this! I figure if they die, it's my fault, so I've never thought of returning them. I'll have to pay closer attention to the warranty on my plants.

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