DIY Live Edge Hairpin Leg Side Table

Lately I've been leaning towards the modern bohemian style. I don't know what it is that I love about it, but I can't seem to get enough. Maybe it's the natural texture or the sleek organic feel, but you can see how my style is starting to gravitate in that direction. Check out this modern wood lamp I made from a vase last month and you'll see that the wood has me all googly eyed. This summer, I was garage sale shopping and found a slice from an old stump. It had a beautiful live edge and the guy said it was just taking up space in his garage. In the 1970's someone probably would have put a coat of lacquer on it and made a clock, but today, I'm finishing it up and making it into an end table with hairpin legs.

mid century modern bohemian style

I did a quick search on Craigslist and it turns out you can buy a wood stump or log slice and make your own, so I'm going to show you how!

mid century modern bohemian style

DIY Live Edge Hairpin Leg Side Table

mid century modern bohemian style
I got lucky because the piece of wood was in pretty good shape. There were some spots on it that looked moldy almost, so I took some sand paper and gave it a nice rub down.
I used General Finishes Polyurethane top coat in satin to seal the top from any damage. You want to be able to set a sweating glass down and not leave any rings on the table that weren't there to begin with. I applied three thin coats and let it dry overnight.

 I love that the top coat brought out the beautiful detail that was hidden when the finish was dull.

I knew this table needed hairpin legs. It was almost a requirement! I ordered this set of hairpin legs {and have one to spare!}.  You will also need screws and washers to help secure your legs to your table.

I started by placing the legs on the underside of the table and deciding where I wanted them. If you have a table with a live edge, you will want to make sure you aren't too close to the edge because the edges aren't going to be as thick as the log slice further in.

Mark where you will drill your holes with a pencil and then drill the holes in your table.

Once your holes are drilled, you can set the screws. I used my drill to get them started because it was faster

And then finished them off by tightening them with a socket wrench.

It took me under an hour from start to finish to complete my table and I'm kind of in love with it.

I love that each table will be unique but that you can bring a little bit of the outside in.

Maybe the Pacific Northwest style is rubbing off on me finally.

midcentury modern bohemian style

I'm not sure what it is, but I know I'm crushing hard on my new DIY live edge hairpin leg side table. Tell me you are too!

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Abbey Co. Seattle said...

I cant believe you did this yourself! It turned out beautifully.

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