Valentine's day cuteness

A few months ago I saw this amazing skirt and knew I had to make one for Bella.

 I rushed off to get the materials at our local Joann's only to find out that the chiffon they had wasn't the same chiffon that Dana recommends. The skirt was cute, but the chiffon kept unraveling and leaving strings everywhere. So, I ordered some pink with the intention of making a new skirt for Valentine's day and following the directions this time. I didn't get around to making it until this week. I'm a little bit of a slacker! Anyway, I had some ruffles leftover so I thought I would make a matching shirt to go with it.

Here's how to make the shirt. Take a plain white t-shirt (this one even had stains).

Free hand a heart on the front. I used pencil.

Then pin the first layer on around the pencil markings. Sew in place. After the first layer, I just kept sewing and placing the ruffles down without pinning. Make sure the ruffles don't get caught in each other when you are sewing. I used about 4 strips of leftover chiffon to sew this heart.

And there you have it! A full heart.

And an adorable skirt to go with it!

How cute is this outfit going to be on Valentine's day?!


dana said...

Great Valentine's combo! she'll look darling in it.

Andrea Hardman said...

Wow! Good work. I don't think my daughter would wear it because she's 3 and doesn't like texture. So, I'll just have to hope she grows out of that before next year. (which is when I'd probably get around to it anyway, if we're being honest!)

Unknown said...

Thanks Dana! You are an inspiration!

Andrea, my daughter had the same issues. She's mostly outgrown it now at nearly 8! Good luck!

LeAnn said...

How darling! Good job!!!

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

So cute! My DD would love that!

Andrea said...

That just melts me. Too cute! Thanks for linking to Make it, Wear it!

Andrea @

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

So so cute! I wish my 11 year old was a little bit younger! Love the matching skirt.

Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours day!

Anonymous said...

That is so stinkin' adorable! Thanks for linking up. :)

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