What Not to Buy at the Dollar Store-Part 4 General Items

What Not to Buy at the Dollar Store-Part 4 General Items

Welcome to Part 4 of 
Where I share my experience with you about things that are worth a buck
and some things that should just remain on the shelves. This post has a little twist. I'm sharing what readers have to say as well. You are going to love it!
If you missed the original post you can find that here
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Snack Cups: Snag it
All three of my kids (and my husband) bring their lunches to school every day.
I try to keep the food waste to a minimum (see my solution here)
and these snack cups are another perfect solution.
I don't spend a ton of money on prepackaged fruit cups but instead will buy a jar of applesauce or a can of fruit and put them in these cups instead.
I've also used them to make jello or pudding in.
They are the perfect size for a snack and so much cheaper than buying the snack sized foods.

Knives: Pass
I like my fingers.  
And have grown quite fond of having ten of them that I would like to keep.
A dull knife isn't worth it.
But that said:

rockinred said... 
We are still using the Dollar Store serrated steak knives I bought when I moved into my 1st apartment...from 10 years ago! They work great and can go right into the dishwasher. Can't beat that for value! :)

Shelf Liner: Snag it
When we moved into our home last year, the first thing I did before unpacking was line the shelves.
I had no idea the dollar store carried this and ended up spending $10 per roll!
Lesson learned!

Contact Paper: Snag it
I've not personally used it but

Tales of a Trophy WIfe said... 
I also buy: Contact paper-way cheaper than vinyl 
I've never tried it as a vinyl alternative, but it might be worth a shot!

Clothespins: Pass
Our family uses clothespins to hold the bread bag closed or the top of a chip bag.
These clothespins break easily or don't work at all
Several of them literally fell apart in my hand when I reached for them.

Oven Mitts: Pass
Pick one of these up and do a feel test
These oven mitts are so thin you could really only use them for decoration.

Chair Protectors: Snag it
Another household thing I paid too much for when we moved.
We have these on the bottom of the chair legs on the hardwood floors.
I spent $7 for a box of them last year.

Work Gloves: Pass
If you are wearing work gloves, it usually means work is involved.
These gloves are so thin you might as well be wearing nothing.
Invest in a good pair of work gloves and save your buck here.

Decorative rocks: Snag it
The possibilities for these accent stones and other decorative stones are endless.
Use these to make a river rock shower mat
or get the pretty clear ones for the bottom of a vase.

Pam Fields said...
At our Dollar Tree they have clear cylinder vases that are closer to 6.00 at Wal-Mart. They also have the colored stones to go in the bottom of the vases.

Hardback books and CD's: Snag it
I have already professed my love of the library here
but I do keep my eyes peeled in the book/CD section just in case.

~The Bargain Babe from *Zucchini Summer Blog* said... 
Books---hardback nice books are often there.

Photo Paper: Snag it
I don't have a photo printer, but I have heard from several of you that photo paper is nice to have on hand.

School Supplies: Snag it
When I get my kids school supply list I make a master list of the items they need
(5 composition notebooks, 2 bottles of hand sanitizer, 1 calculator)
When I am shopping for items in August I carry that list with me
After I hit all of the super save sales at the big stores
I hit the Dollar Store for some of the remaining items.
Or if the kids run out of supplies mid year when there aren't any sales, this is a great place to find them.

Poster Board: Snag it
Most kids will need this for a project at some point in their school career
It's good to know you can find it here for 50 cents

Foam Board: Snag it
I used foam board for one of my favorite art pieces that I made for my sons room
It's lightweight and can be used for so many things.

Fire Starter: Snag it
We BBQ year round and always have these on hand
With young kids in the house, I would rather have these around than matches or a lighter.

Sharpies: Snag it
Cheap and permanent
I always have one in my purse 

Scented Candles: Pass
I already mentioned in part 1 about buying smelly household items.
The things that are supposed to smell don't 
(and ironically some of the things that shouldn't smell do)
Skip on these

Gift Wrap: snag it
I know most people aren't wrapping present anymore, but when you do, there are some great prints for only a buck.

Gift Bags: Snag it
Out of all of the comments, most of you told me that you pick up your gift bags at the Dollar Store.
I don't buy bags often but there have been times when my supply has been running low and I have picked a few up.

maryjt said... 
I so agree with the tissue paper and would include the gift bags because sometimes my recycled gift bag assortment amazingly doesn't have just the "right" bag for the occasion.

Party Supplies: Snag it (cautiously)
The party supplies are great for kids birthday parties or school parties but I would skip them if you need heavy duty paper ware.
There is a huge assortment of colors to match any party

Plastic cutlery: Pass
I sometimes buy these to put inside my kids lunches but would be embarrassed to use them for a party.
They are flimsy and break easily and I'm not the only one that hasn't had a good experience with them.

Jessica said... 
I totally agree. Another pass - the plasticware (to use at parties), breaks as soon as you use it!

Ribbon: Snag it
Several of you told me you pick up their ribbon.
I had no idea the Dollar store carried such an assortment.

rainbowcreek said... 
I like those little plastic treat bags that have pictures printed on them and curly ribbon. I use them to wrap up my handmade items that I sell online. It only costs a few cents and makes my customers feel like they got something special because they get a cute package to open when their order arrives.

Candles: Snag it
Always good to have on hand
You never know when you will need them

Party Trays: Snag it
There are several different shapes and sizes to choose from at our dollar store

momto8 said...
A thing to snag is the silver trays...they are so pretty to take to a party when I bring a dish to share...and i can just leave the tray..for 1$ it is ok!

Straws: Snag it
I always have these on hand at home.
My kids are too big for sippy cups, but still occasionally spill
I have several insulated cups from Starbucks that we use at home.
A drink is always more fun with a straw in it!

Invitations and thank you notes: Snag it
There are so many ways to make invitations special and do it without spending a lot of money, but if you are looking for doing it the quick and easy way, the dollar store has some great invitations that don't cost a lot of money.
I loved this set that also had matching thank you notes.

Kids Party Supplies/Favors: Snag it
The Dollar Store is always the first place I check for party supplies.
There are several very popular kids themes and you can usually find something to go along with your parties theme

More party items: Snag it

The Bargain Babe from *Zucchini Summer Blog* said... 
You can also sometimes get balloon weights there, much cheaper than the party store.
I did find balloon weights at our store, and cute favor boxes.
It's worth stopping at the dollar store first before you hit the party supply store

Cards: Snag it
Another huge response in my comments section was for the greeting cards.
Our store has a huge selection and always features cards for upcoming holidays (mother's day, graduation, etc...)
You can't beat the price!

Loui♥ said... 
love the greeting cards @ 2/$1! 

Are you surprised about some of the things you can pick up at the Dollar Store?
I know I was!
Anything I missed that you would like to add to the list?


Carolyn said...

I love to get clear glassware at the dollar store too. You can get 2 martini glasses for just $1. I painted a few sets as gifts for friends. You can do a set of 4 glasses, 4 plates, and 4 bowls for less that $10 usually. Mine have lasted for years!

labbie1 said...

I didn't know they had foam core or those floor protectors for the feet of my chairs. Cool!

The cards are so great! I like to send cards and get pretty much all of mine there!

This is kind of in the party supplies and I didn't see it, so I get most of my baby shower and holiday decorations there--especially St. Patrick's Day, Easter, July 4th, autumn, etc. There was a lot of decorations for school classrooms too. I LOVE checking out the holiday stuff!

Good list! Is there going to be a part 5?

Michelle said...

I second the glassware. Have handpainted painted several also and they do not burst in the oven when setting the paint! Same goes for the white ceramic mugs. I've painted lots of those too without many problems. The one thing you do have to watch for on the mugs is chips from careless stocking and sometimes a small dot where the glaze didn't cover. So as long as you inspect them for flaws first, grab those babies up!

Oooh and coloring books and flash cards. Both are crazy expensive elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

What fabulous guidance you offer. Thank you. I will be heading to the dollar store soon to do some snagging! ~Kelly

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

GREAT series ! In the clothespins, I have never tried them for clothes BUT, I use them all the time for the banners I make. I cover w/ a scrap of paper from whatever banner I've made and they work OK for those but we're taking paper / cardstock here...not clothes lol

Noelle said...

I have used the wrapping paper & for me...I like to spring for a better quality. The dollar store paper is thin & depending on the color, you can see what's inside!! Though that's just my experience with it!

Anonymous said...

Another great post! I use the clothespins for crafts and decor and they work for that but I agree to actually use them, they come apart too easily!

I love those snack cups! I hadnt noticed them..but i will use them for sure! I have a 9month baby, and these will be perfect! and hey if i lose them..theyre only $1! Thanks for that!

Also, You can find some great scrapbooking supplies as well that are worth it..They have the clear plastic page protector sheets for 12x12 albums, and are so much cheaper than the store..They also have held up just fine!

i also agree with other poster about holiday decor..i think most of my holiday decor is from the dollar store..

Reading this really makes me want to go to the $ store now and STOCK UP! :)

Lauren122 said...

Hi, I just found this article on pinterest and I loved it! Our dollar store is usually the first place I go for things. I buy practically everything from there. Except most of the stuff you said to pass on. I agree with them. When I got married, my mom bought all the decorations for the reception there.

I planned my best friend's baby shower last month and we bought almost everything there. The only thing we didn't get there was the game prizes.

Lastly, I like to stock up on cooking utensils and wine glasses. If they break it's not a big deal because they're only a dollar!

Unknown said...

I like to use to overly thin oven mits as fancy gift pouches or stockings at Christmas just to switch it up a little :)

Unknown said...

I Want more!!! i just became a Dollar store shopper my mom never went in there and I cant seem to stay out it so cool what all you can find!! however I love there clothespins I often go in there and buy only that ours is rally tiny :( I have to go to the next town over to get most of the good stuff!!

Unknown said...

My camping bin is full of dollar store items...the silverware, knives, smaller versions of baking pans, tin foil, the wash rags, list goes on. I like them because if they get lost, ruined on the open fire, so dirty not worth washing you are only out a dollar.

I also have supplemented my ceramic bowls and glassware here. Three boys are rough on them.

Unknown said...

From what I found through pinterest, Dollar Store is best place to do DIY projects or art/crafts with kids! Lets see what to snag or not to snag when it comes to DIY projects!

Unknown said...

I've had terrible luck with the straws at the dollar tree, specifically the bendy straws. Over half of the straws in one package I bought had pinholes in them right where they flex, and weren't good for anything other than disappointment. They don't have any suction if there's a hole.

Great thing to snag: My dollar tree has sticky notes, like the large sized ones, that are just fantastic for taking notes in textbooks. If you go to staples and look for the brand name, the same size post its are like $10! I also picked up a led light for a closet and it's great for that. My closet has no light so it's great to be able to look in at night.

Best deal: 3 pack of pop rocks.

Look out for subtle knockoff brands in the candy aisle. I came across a bag of what I thought were Sunkist gummies, but they were actually, upon closer examination, "Sinkist" gummies.

And their vienna sausage is actually usually old, usually when I get it (I love it!), the "broth" has sort of gelatinized. Tastes the same, but you do sort of have to deal with not being able to pour off the liquid. (Still yummy)

Unknown said...

Oh, one more thing to buy: Pet food bowls. I buy them for water bowls for my cats because they always want water everywhere in the house, because if you go to a pet store, the big bowls they have for $1 at the dollar tree are at least $6. Oh, scissors, too. I buy them almost every time I go because someone inevitably ends up walking off with them and they disappear.

Also, anyone have a Five Below near them? Are there any items one should avoid when buying there? I've run into a couple: Their generic nail polish, mini polish sets (even name brand, they are SUPER thick & dried out), metal water bottles (they have an odor inside), and their cuticle clippers. Good things to pick up there: Nail polish stickers (the full nail pattern ones), Brand name polish, Lunch boxes (metal!), posters, and their mix and match candy (I stock up on laffy taffy here)

Lauren said...

I love using the decorative rocks in the bottoms of my outdoor planters for additional drainage. They work really well and I just rinse and re-use them. It's much cheaper than anything I've found at Walmart or Lowes.

Katie said...

Actually, the photo paper is AWFUL. We have a brand new printer, but even that doesn't make a difference. The dollar tree photo paper looks fine when it's first done printing, but if you touch it with anything (even just stacking it with other papers) it smears. It's not worth a dollar. The Target brand works just as well and is about the same price.

KelKitty13 said...

Thanks so much for the guidance! I frequent the dollar store and have wondered about some of the very things you've mentioned. Can't wait to try the knock-off miracle erasers. Use the name brand like crazy! Will love saving that money! I know this was time consuming. Thanks again! Hitting the dollar store again soon and experimenting myself.

Unknown said...

Ummm.... hair brushes, hair cuting scissor, & the nicer packs of hairbands there they maybe in less in quantity but are better made the little rubbands for your hair they are the same at walmart just cheaper.
The kitchen utensils are the best I've had mine over 3 years the ones I have except the whisk but I'm not sure if that was the product oor the person uusing it....
The brooms and dust pans are a must and the bleach.
The arts and crafts section LOVE IT....
And the stylus for ur android phones or iphone section get them there they work sometimes better than the 15 dollar ones at walmart I will post more next time at dollor s

Linda said...

Nice post, and I agree with almost everything you say.

One exception is clothes pegs. While I agree that the wood ones are lousy, the bamboo ones are excellent. They're water resistant, don't get weathered, I'm going on year three with them and they look the same as when they were new, and none have broken.

In another post you mentioned toothbrushes are a grab, but the one my husband bought me lost bristles when I brushed my teeth and I tossed in on use number two because ain't nobody got time for that.

Chaos said...

First, I love these posts! I have been shopping at the dollar tree for years. I like to buy their candle stick holders and votive holders and glue them together to make topiary jars. I also buy their candles and use mod podge and glitter (and sometimes some really cute tissue paper) to decorate the candles. I even printed photos of my mother-in-law onto tissue paper and stuck them to candles with some gems nd glitter to give to the family when she passed. We are scattered all over the country, but every year on her birthday and the day she passed we light the candles at a specified time so we can at least feel together. I also recommend buying the led candles, but not for the smell (we use wax melts that we buy at Walmart for $2 for 6 squares). I live in Texas, good 'oil tornado alley. While it has been many years since a tornado did any damage in my area, storms have knocked out the power more times than I can count. Frameless candles are a cheap, safe way to feel your way through the dark. Many people don't think about this, but storms, especially tornadoes, can cause gas leaks. Having an open flame is VERY dangerous if a leak does occur. With frameless (ans scentless) candle, you eliminate that risk! They are also easy and fun to decorate!

Chaos said...

First, I love these posts! I have been shopping at the dollar tree for years. I like to buy their candle stick holders and votive holders and glue them together to make topiary jars. I also buy their candles and use mod podge and glitter (and sometimes some really cute tissue paper) to decorate the candles. I even printed photos of my mother-in-law onto tissue paper and stuck them to candles with some gems nd glitter to give to the family when she passed. We are scattered all over the country, but every year on her birthday and the day she passed we light the candles at a specified time so we can at least feel together. I also recommend buying the led candles, but not for the smell (we use wax melts that we buy at Walmart for $2 for 6 squares). I live in Texas, good 'oil tornado alley. While it has been many years since a tornado did any damage in my area, storms have knocked out the power more times than I can count. Frameless candles are a cheap, safe way to feel your way through the dark. Many people don't think about this, but storms, especially tornadoes, can cause gas leaks. Having an open flame is VERY dangerous if a leak does occur. With frameless (ans scentless) candle, you eliminate that risk! They are also easy and fun to decorate!

The Virtual Volunteer said...

While I completely agree with you on snagging foam board, I normally pass on the poster boards for signs and such because they are so lightweight and flimsy. However, I have found the perfect solution (and still less expensive that buying a department store poster board) is to simply attach the colored poster board to the foam board so that the sign has thickness and color. It's a win, win

Unknown said...

I know u said pass on those flameless candles but a friend wanted candles for her wedding but the place where she was doing it said no open flames. So we looked at other places and WOW the cost of those things. So by chance we were at the dollar store for a coloring book and there they were. No they don't have a strong smell but the vanilla wasn't a bad smell and decorated with ribbons and bit of glitter glue she was able to get 3X the amount to line the aisle (it was a night wedding and the path was winding with no electric for rope lights) and have all of the others she truly wanted without spending 100s.
So i think depending what you want to use them for they work great. Another friend put on in her daughter's rm as a "fairy candle" that she can play around without setting the house on fire. And the fairies turn it out each night which her daughter loves.

Unknown said...

I am a poor college student and bought packs of silverware from the dollar store and they ended up rusting.

bk* said...

If you plan on reusing a dollar store gift bag, or give a gift to someone who does (I do), or plan to put something relatively heavy in a bag, dollar store bags are not the way to go. they are only a dollar....

Miss Ginger Grant said...

Be wary of "Sharpies" at the dollar store.... put your glasses on and make SURE that is says "Sharpie" and not "Slarpie" or "Snarpie" or something else fake... there are lots of fakes out there.. BTW- you can buy a box of 24 genuine "Sharpies" for $12 at Sam's Club- that's 50 cents each! So unless your $ store sells them in a 2-pack. they are not a bargain!

Theresa said...

Just read through all of these posts. I totally agree with:

1. The socks- I buy the 3 packs of patterned (I don't think they are name brand) socks for my kids and they hold up just as well as other stores but are 3 pairs for $1 or 2 pairs for $1 as opposed to $4 for 3 pair at Walmart. Our store has a nice selection of patterns and colors too.

2. The school supplies- My daughter needed comp notebooks for school this year and even though I could have gotten plain jane ones at Walmart for $0.50- I actually preferred the patterns that Dollar Tree had for $1. Super cute owls and polka dots and chevron- so I bought those at the dollar store. Similar styles at walmart were $2+

3. The gift wrap and tissue paper. I have even found great gift boxes there that don't even need wrapping or are great for storing clutter at home.

4. The glow sticks and bubbles! I never get them anywhere else. The bubbles are actually GOOD bubbles too. I've bought walmart cheap bubbles that just wouldn't blow for anything- but the $store ones are always great for us.

5. The plastic storage bins- I get those at the $store ALL the time!

These posts were great!

Unknown said...

You can also get notebooks and other school supplies for really nice prices elsewhere too. I just saw 1 subject notebooks for 17 cents at target this year. Cheapish, but I "splurged" on the 67 cent notebooks instead!

Sew, Scrap, Make said...

I have those exact same steak knives. I got them about 7 years ago, and they are still going strong.

Unknown said...

I LOVE the Dollar Tree, too. My "cover charge" there is pretty high. I generally agree with what you've learned there. Here are the areas where I've had a different experience.

-Clothes pins. This year I've bought two sets that were packaged differently, and they were great. I use them for everything, even in the freezer.

-Straws. Almost all of my Dollar Tree straws get a hole in them when I pull out the bendy neck. I can find them on sale at Kroger that don't fall apart.

-Decorative Rocks. These are a much better deal than craft stores. When I need the glass "gems" the Dollar Tree seems to be the best deal. BUT, if I need things that look like "river rocks" and I need a lot of them, for crafts or whatever, I get landscaping rocks at Home Depot, probably about 20 pounds for $4. You just have to wash them thoroughly. They've been great in my aquarium.



Melanie said...

SERIOUSLY fantastic!! And all so true! I actually bought my sunglasses there. They are cute, sorta look like ray bans, polarized, and work just as good as some nicer pairs I have had in the past. If my daughter gets a hold of them and brakes them, who cares they were a dollar.

Unknown said...

To be honest, I use candles from our Dollar Tree all the time and they have all smelled amazing. Most of the items on all of the lists I have purchased & used and honestly have no issues with at all.

I buy a lot of things like window clings and cheap holiday decorations to put outdoors so if the wind blows them away, it isn't a big loss.

stilllooking said...

I was in dollar tree the other day specifically for over the counter meds (I usually buy the equate brand at Walwart, but could not believe the prices a few weeks ago at Dollar tree).

My son had a scratchy throat and they not only have Luden's cough drops for a dollar they had Ricola (usually much more pricey) and Halls honey lemon. I do believe they were a smaller bag than you'd find in walmart, but how many times have you bought lozenges for a sore throat and you always have leftovers in the bag? They also had their own brand version of these (Cherry Flavored drops" and the Lemon Honey the same flavor as the Halls) and their brand's bag was even bigger for the same dollar.

I usually try to pick up a pack of sanitary pads if I can remember, their mini is barely there , but I like to keep buy fuller sized pads there when I see them, and in the house in case of an emergency, even if a visiter to our needs one in a hurry.

Seriously ladies during that same trip, I noticed they had their own version of Summer's eve spray and cleansing wash maybe even the feminine powder. I don't usually buy these products but I am guessing the original is at least $4.00 and up depending where you buy. Maybe a review or input here. :-)

Jarekojosh said...

LED tealight candles - SNAG IT

I have a Halloween tree every year and I hang small plastic jackolanterns with single LED tealights in them. I used Dollar Tree LED tealights (2pk for $1), left them on, and they lasted all month; I never turned them off. They did slowly get dim but, when compared to LED tealights purchased from Wal-Mart or Michael's Craft Store in different colors for more money in the following years, THOSE tealights went completely out in less than a week.

Dollar Tree LED tealights last so much longer for holiday decorations so I never had to worry about taking them out of the pumpkins to turn them off and on from day to day.

Tonia said...

Another pass- the headphones. My three year old has broke many, and they weren't the cheap ones. We gave up on headphones but had to get some for an upcoming flight. I bought 5 pair, because I knew they were from the dollar store (It was still a lot cheaper than buying them from Target). All of them were awful! They were so quit, didn't fit well and produced a very mechanical sound. Just BAD. Luckily my son slept through all of our flights and it wasn't an issue!

CydB said...

One tip about the candles at Dollar Tree. If you are looking for scent, forget it. However, wax is expensive. When I need wax for crafts, or making my own candles, I buy their white candles, the largest I can find. I melt them in a double boiler and add my own scent. They can also be a source for paintable craft projects for kids. I've been known to buy out their entire supply of little bird houses or frames for my Pioneer Club girls.

Unknown said...

I would have to both agree and disagree with the plastic utensils. I don't use the forks because those break easily, but I do use the plastic spoons. My mom would always send the platic spoons in the lunches because my brother had a habit of dumping his entire lunchbox into the trashcan, metal silverware and all.

Annie said...

I will not use dog food or the big candles from the dollar store. With the candles, if this stuff comes from China, you can bet it will be full of lead. Who needs lead burning in their home? Sorry, safety trumps cost. Same with the dog food. The big dog food recall had to do with imported dog food. Dogs died from it. Safety before cost.

I like to pick up trial size items when I am at a Dollar Store, especially while traveling. I don't have to worry about bringing the stuff back or taking the stuff through airport security.

Brandy said...

I have a friend who has a lot of allergies and always goes to the Dollar Store to stock up on their unscented candles (from tea lights to big pillar size) and unscented Mr. Bubbles bubble bath. Her Husband also goes to the Dollar Store to buy her the wooden roses in the floral section.

charmagne said...

Love, love the brown craft paper from dollar store. It's a decent thickness good for wrapping presents. We have even wrapped books with it, but we have to re wrap halfway through the year . It's not quite durable enough for the whole year but the kids love the prints.
Bread, when available is also great! Don't always have it but often you can scoop up $3-4 loaves of bread there.
Also three pack of micro popcorn. We have a machine but this is good for quick fix.
Also they have been having the dawn platinum which is crazy expensive in stores.
Also the cough drops as mentioned above, worked like a charm for us.

Clarissa said...

Another good buy is the baby utensils, if you just want spoons they are 12/$1 or you can get one with spoons, forks and knifes (also 12 I believe) the knifes and forks are actually sharp enough to stab/cut but not enough to cause worry in small children, good for training. All the utensils are thick sturdy plastic that have made it 3 years

Kcotter79 said...

This is an older post, but just had to mention a few of the things I love at the dollar tree!!! Check with your store, but mine accepts manufacture's coupons... I buy Bounty Basic paper towels there with coupons, also, V05 shampoo and conditioner with coupons. I also buy the Betty Crocker (in the kitchen aisle) line of products. I like the scissors. I use them for everything and if they get lost or broken, its $1. Also, check out on pinterest, activity bags for a long trip... my favorite item (all were purchased at the dollar tree) was a Gelly Bag. Use a 1 gallon zip top bag, 1 large bottle of hair gel (don't like as hair gel) a drop of food coloring and a small vial of glitter(found in craft aisle) pour all in gallon bag and mix.. instant fun. use to practice writing letters and numbers, write their name, or just draw pics. I also bought the cookie sheets in the baking aisle to have something hard for the kids to work on in the car and they can also use magnets on it and dry erase markers work well on them too! Enjoy! ** I too <3 the Dollar Tree! :)

datica5 said...

A couple other favorites of mine...
1. Jar of minced garlic, great price
2. The little folded up kid's wash cloths, they are usually in the toy aisle in a standing display, folded tightly into a small square and they open up when you get it wet. They come in all the popular characters and really last!

Anonymous said...

I buy soy milk at the Dollar Tree because I have to watch my potassium--one dollar for a quart. It doesn't need to be refrigerated until opened and can be stored for a long time

Heather220Quinn said...

Office Supplies...
These can be a great buy at the dollar store IF you're choose-y: 10 pack pens for $1 might not be worth it, but a single pack gel pen is usually decent quality over the stationery store.

Then there's:
self-stick or even the name brand post-it notes
note pads or note books of just about every size imaginable
thumb tacks, glue sticks, permanent markers (already mentioned in earlier posting), paper clips of just about every size imaginable - tape refills even
mechanical pencils - again, search out the single pack for better quality
page protectors or plastic project note books, 1 inch binders, file folders - often both legal and letter...

In Canada we have a popular chain store of dollar stores called Dollarama which often/regularly carry name-brand shampoo (right beside the knock-off brands), a full line of Betty Crocker branded kitchen supplies & tools that are amazing deals!

I also buy their national branded sauce or gravy mixes, or the national branded instant rice. My store also has some real fruit juices - but read labels carefully to avoid the "fruit drinks" made of artificial flavour, colour, and tonnes of sugar.

Pet supplies, like leashes, collars, metal food or water bowls, national brand dog/cat treats, blankets or pads are a great buy at the dollar store - where I find my dog's leash and collar get muddy and smelly every few months and I want to replace them at about the same time as they're wearing out...

Hardware or paint supplies:
- zip ties, bungee cords (single-use), metal or self-adhesive plastic hooks, picture hanging kits
- paint trays, paint rollers, paint roller refills - all single-use of course
- tarps and rope of all kinds...

Absolute Must: re-usable grocery bags - I try not to use or bring home plastic grocery bags when I can avoid it...but somehow I end up with a large bag of bags for the recycling every week :-(

Where I disagree:
- face cloths/hand towels/dish towels/dish cloths - a certain member of my family tends to use these types of cloths to wipe/wash his running shoes, or detail his car - for me cheaper (or almost disposable) are better
- clothes pins/cotton swabs/cotton pads -- for "off use" purposes like craft projects are a far better buy at the dollar store than the craft store...
- any national brand food item has to be exactly the same at the dollar store as anywhere else (in Canada, the packaging must be exactly what's in the container or package) - the 'Olympic' packaged cereals that have been removed from grocery stores are always a good buy - national brand puddings, cake mixes, jello, etc...
- freezer bags of the thicker plastic and the 'zipper' close are great for craft items, holding toiletries, make-up, jewelery, etc for travel or camping...

Wonderful series of posts...my motto "Always, always look for the item at the dollar store first!"


Anonymous said...

Great post.

Michele B said...

I really enjoyed your blog, therebare lots of things to pass on, and some really good ones for just a buck. I also leave to close to dollar tree. I have found quite a few thing I do buy only from DR. Command hooks are a great find and savings,the blue painters tape, gift boxes for the holidays especially Christmas time. Sometimes I also come across name brand shampoo and conditioner thats great when going away for a few days, if you forget it there it's no big deal. During the summer I found the swimmer diapers for toddlers. Oh and also nail files, 2 in a pack for the long black ones for just a buck and they're great. Also clear nail polish and sometimes some great colors, and name brands. I can go on and on, about the great finds, I buy at dollar tree now that I think about it. Hope to see mire blogs like these from you again.
Michele xoxo

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