5 simple steps to decorating a fabulous locker with Locker Lookz

If you have a tween or teen daughter, you will be their hero if you read these 5 simple steps to decorating a fabulous locker with the help of LLZ by Locker Lookz.

Last year, my daughter had a locker for the very first time.
She was so excited to decorate it and put her own mark on it.
We spent hours decorating her locker last year.
Mostly because someone in the locker above spilled a nasty beverage that left the whole locker sticky and smelling like...well, you don't want to know.

Seriously, this is her locker after it has been cleaned.
It was nasty.

At the end of the school year, Isabella had to remove all of her decorations even though she would get the same locker the next year.
It took her longer than she would like to admit to remove the adhesive paper she lined the walls of the locker with and take down all of her decorations.

This year we learned about LockerLookz.
In under 10 minutes, and in five easy steps, we were able to decorate my daughter's locker
and we didn't need a single pair of scissors!
  Not only is LockerLookz easy to install, it's also easy to remove.  
There is no adhesive to damage your locker surfaces, just super strong magnets that are included!

Ready to get started?

Step 1: Apply your wallpaper.
The decorations fit most standard size school lockers {12"x18"x36"}, 
so there was no cutting or measuring.
The super strong magnets come with the wall paper and hold the paper in place.

The wallpaper comes with perforated cut outs in just the right places.
This one at the back was in just the right spot for a hook.
Seriously, this stuff is too easy to use!
I remember having to get an exacto knife and cut and measure around this hook. 
It took forever!
This time we just popped out the panel where the hook was.
It took seconds!

Step 2: Put in your rug.
My daughter picked out this green rug so that it would be a fun pop of color contrasting with the blue paper.

Step 3: Set up your shelf.
I know I shouldn't be surprised at how nicely this shelf fit,
but holy cow, it was like I measured it and made it!
I don't know why lockers don't come with a shelf already built in.
It makes so much more sense that way.
I'm sure it was a man who designed lockers.

Step 4: Hang your chandelier.
Yep, a chandelier.
For your locker.
How awesome is that?!

It even has a motion sensor so it turns on and off when you open and close your locker.
It's hung with a magnet on top.
And that bad boy is so strong, it's not going anywhere!

Step 5: add your accessories.
How cute are those flowers???
 And the mix and match dry erase board and locker bin are pretty awesome too!

I think this locker is ready for the new school year!

Best part is, she loves it!
You can purchase LockerLookz at Michaels, AC Moore, Staples and Meijer

LockerLookz is hosting a fun design your own locker contest on Instagram.
Grand prize is a $250 Visa gift card for a back to school shopping spree.
Each week 1 winner will be chosen to receive their full locker design 

2. Go to LockerLookz.com and create your dream locker design using the design your own locker feature.
3.Post your locker design on Instagram and use the hashtag #LLgirlz and tag @LockerLookz

The contest ends on August 29.
You can find the official contest rules here.

Need some inspriation?
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Come see some of the other looks you can make with LockerLookz.

Disclosure: I was selected to review this product as a part of a Blueprint social campaign. All opinions are 100% my own. I wouldn't share something I didn't like.

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