Sea glass jar using mod podge collage clay

Until recently I had never heard of decoden.
But my guess is, even though you haven't heard of it, it doesn't mean you haven't seen it.
Decoden is the art of decorating with trinkets.  The more the better when creating this 3D collage.
Thankfully, mod podge has made creating your own decoden masterpiece easy by making
{you can pick it up at Michael's}

Having just returned from a family vacation, my thoughts were on creating a jar to display some of the treasures that we found on the beach.

My daughter loved trying to find heart shaped coral washed up on the beaches in Maui.
She also collected some sand from a few of the beaches we visited.
The collage clay was used to secure the coral lids almost like stoppers in these small jars.

Using mod podge collage clay is super easy!
You just need to start with any flat surface and embellishments.
I used sea glass that I found on an anniversary trip my husband and I took to Puerto Vallarta.
You can also use mod melts with mod molds to create your own trinkets
{check back next week for some mod melt craft ideas}

Using the collage clay is a little bit like icing a cake.
The clay comes with three different tips
{star tip, round tip, wavy tip}

It's best to take a second and practice with your tips.

I decided to swirl my collage clay on top of my jar.
It sort of looks like a yummy cinnamon roll doesn't it?!

While your collage clay is wet, start embedding your sea glass into the clay.
The collage stays wet for about an hour, so take your time!
I started by using big pieces and placed small pieces in the holes.
Don't forget, the coolest part of using collage clay is making 3D art.
Stand some of your pieces up or on their sides to give your jar some texture.

Let your collage clay dry
{I let my piece sit over night}

The crafting possibilities with collage clay are endless!

Need even more inspiration?
Check out these awesome projects created with mod podge collage clay.

disclaimer: I was chosen by blueprint social to participate in this campaign.  All opinions are 100% my own.
Collage clay is not recommended for children under the age of 12.  The product is not edible and small parts can be a chocking hazard for small children.

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