Silver airplane push pins tutorial

When I was busy creating my son's vintage airplane room
I was in the market for anything airplane.
I had seen airplane push pins but I wasn't quite sure where to buy them.
Who knew I could make my own?!

I started by taking silver mod melts.  
Mod melts are glue stick looking things that melt in your high temp glue gun.
I used mod podge mold molds to create my airplane shape effortlessly.

I squeezed my melted mod melt in my mold,
and while it was still wet,
I pressed a thumb tack into the back.

After 10 minutes,
your airplane push pin will pop right out of your mold.

Think of all of the things you could make with mod molds and mod melts!
I've shared a few projects recently to give you some inspiration.

What would you create?

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