Shops and things I love this summer and a giveaway!

With my kids at home, I've had far less time this summer to shop
and run from store to store.
I have been relying on on-line shopping because it's quick and easy,
and I have eaten up anything that is going to save me time or energy.
I rounded up a few of the companies and products I have tried and want to share them with you.

There are lots of flower delivery companies out there and I have used a few of them.
This summer though, I had the opportunity to try out Bouqs and was super impressed!
Not only were the flowers gorgeous, they lasted forEVER.

For someone who loves fresh flowers, it was nice to get something that stayed fresh for a really long time.  
It's always nice to send flowers just because.

I'm kind of a big fan of the Ranunculus in case you were wondering.

Know what gets me to love a company even more?
Witty advertising and down to earth people.
It's what drew me into to order from Bouqs in the first place.
Seriously, watch the video.
You won't be disappointed and you will love the company even more.

After spending six weeks working on my son's vintage airplane room,
I drooled over this light switch from Uncommon Goods.
I mean, seriously, how awesome is that?!
I finally got around to ordering it and it's even more awesome in person.

Never one to order just one thing from a company, I also put this cardboard Rhino head in my cart
and this wood bowl.
 I went back and forth on this wood bowl and ended up taking it out of my cart more than once.
I didn't buy it, but I am putting it on my wish list.

Uncommon Goods is such a fun store to shop in.  
I love the handmade selection of goods they offer, but most of all, I love the one of a kind gifts {great place to shop for birthday gifts for that hard to buy for person!} and personalized items that you can find.  You are sure to find something you have never seen before.

This summer all three kids went to summer camp.
It's inevitable that something will get lost or left behind,
but the odds are much better of getting your things back if you label your items.
I used labels from and could not have been more satisfied!
It made packing a breeze, and instead of hand writing on every item the kids brought, I could just put a label on it.  It took two seconds and looked way better than my sharpie scrawl.
My favorites were the stick-n-wear labels.

Several months ago, I was asked to be a part of a panel called The Passion Panel for
I have been to several meetings at the Online Shoes headquarters in Seattle and I must say, it's a pretty awesome company.

I have ordered several pairs of shoes, received some swag
and have had the opportunity to try out their customer service {it's amazing}.

I have been dying my hair since I was in high school.
Mostly because my hair is super thin and flat and it needs a little damage.
I must confess though, as of late, it's because I have grey hair popping in.
I blame it on the children.

Anyways, I had a super coupon for this John Frieda color glaze hair gloss and have used it for the past four months and LOVE IT!
Every few weeks when I remember, I put this on in the shower and leave it on for three minutes.
It's helped my color last WAY longer!

Have you met Sophie yet?
Sophie is our three year old golden retriever and we love her lots and lots.
What I don't love is the amount that she sheds.
I get these fur balls that float around like tumbleweed on my floors, especially during the summer.
See all that fluff next to Soph?
That's her fur that I brushed out with the Miu deshedding tool.
The brush works by pulling out the undercoat of hair that sheds and leaves the topcoat healthy and shiny.
And it means less fur tumbleweeds on my floors.

Last month, my oldest son got his braces off.
How cute is he?!
He asked me if he could whiten his teeth after he got his braces off.

Braces tend to discolor your teeth a bit, so I obliged and got him Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system.

Share your favorite on-line company with me.
I just may feature them in a round up next month!
disclaimer: this post contains some affiliate links.  I may get a kickback or have received compensation for reviewing a company.  Don't worry, I wouldn't recommend anything I didn't love.  Promise.

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Craftcherry said...

Oh my goodness that desheding tool may have just saved me. We have two cats that shed like crazy and brushing just doesn't seem to get the job done. Going to have to talk my husband into trying this.

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