Have a staycation with your kids (shhh, they might learn something too!)

We are deep into summer and I have three kids at home.
I'm hearing rumblings of "I'm bored" nearly every day.
Regardless of how many times I mention cleaning as an option, 
that just doesn't seem to snap the boredom out of them!
I'm doing my best to regulate screen time and appreciate the beautiful weather that we are having, but there are times when we all need to just zone out and relax on the couch together.
I love being able to incorporate some sneaky learning time in when I can too.
Not being from the great state of Washington, I didn't have the opportunity to learn much Washington State history as a kid.  My kids know a thing or two about Lewis and Clark, though I am sure to learn something myself watching this Lewis and Clark documentary with them.  It's always fun seeing places we have been and learn the history behind them.

I've had several friends road trip with their families to Yellowstone.  While we won't be making it this year, I would love to learn more about America's oldest and most visited park.

Having just returned from a family vacation to Maui where my kids snorkeled and played in the water, I'm sure my kids would love to watch The Blue Planet.

I've also been meaning to watch Blackfish.  
I hear it's a fascinating documentary.

I love to travel and have been laughing out loud as I watch An Idiot Abroad.

My sister in law says that she uses Netflix when she prepares to go on a trip with her two girls.
 Last year before they went to The Big Island, they watched several documentaries on Volcanoes of Hawaii.

Even if you don't have the opportunity to travel this summer, you can spend an afternoon traveling from the comfort of your own home.
I follow up our at home learning with a trip to the library where we stock up on books on the same subject. 

Do you have any tips to keep your kids learning throughout the summer?
What are your boredom busters?

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