Garage Sale Finds Friday and my reason behind being a garage sale slacker Edition 63

Welcome to another week of garage sale finds Friday,
where I share with you some of my favorite garage sale finds from the week.
Let me start off by saying that this summer has been so busy for me that I am off my garage sale game this year!  We went on vacation to Maui {I know, cry me a river!}, the kids have each individually gone to summer camp and camp pick up is, you guessed it, on Saturday mornings, and next week I leave for Africa.
Hitting garage sales just isn't happening as much as I would like with my schedule, so these posts are happening far less often than normal, but my summer is pretty much awesome, so deal, 'k?. K.

Up first is this metal vase {50 cents} of day lilies from my garden, but first purchased from a garage sale for $2 for the plant. I love buying plants at garage sales, especially once they start growing and blooming and sprouting off new plants that I can dig up and spread around my yard.  Yeah for garage sale plants!

I also picked up this cool jug for $1 and this mini screen door for $2.

Fun fact, my favorite color is red.
I loved this red lantern.
In fact, it's about the thirty third red lantern I have owned.
I paid $1 for it.

Check out this super rad, heavy as all get out, faux port hole frame.
I am not quite sure what I am going to do with the inside of it, but for $5,
I wanted to give it a chance.

Remember my vintage snow ski's from a few weeks back?
Check out their new friend, vintage radio flyer sled.
I see these wooden sleds at garage sales all the time, but I rarely want to pay what they are asking.
I snatched up this guy for $5.
He's going to look pretty awesome at Christmas with a wreath on it don't you think?

Never one to get tired of vintage books, I grabbed these four books for 50 cents each.
I'm sure one of them is a rare first edition copy worth millions.
Not to worry, in about five minutes it will be ripped up, folded, torn, glue gunned or mod podged into something totally unrecognizable.

And finally, my daughter is the collector or mirrors.
Sort of like the wicked step mother in Sleeping Beauty but not wicked and not a step mother.
So really, not like that at all.
Anyway, she wants to give this baby a coat of paint and for $3,
I say go for it!

Those were my finds.
If you have been missing my weekly garage sale finds Friday posts, 
just do a little search on the sidebar.
That should tide you over.

And because I need to live vicariously through all of you actually having the opportunity to go to garage sales, what did you find?

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