Garage Sale Finds Friday Edition 62

Let me start by saying that vacations, camp pick up and holidays aren't making it easy for me to get out and enjoy the garage sales in my area.
I feel like someone in a 12 step program, but I swear, it's been like three weeks since my last garage sale.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I hit the Goodwill outlet.
You know, just so I would have something to show for my lack of garage sale finds Friday posts.
I can't disappoint my fans now can I?
If you aren't familiar with the Goodwill outlet, everything is shoved in the most unorganized heaps and you riffle through for hours fighting other treasure hunters for the buried loot. 
You have to be careful of toddlers wielding knives
{I kid you not, I took a knife from a toddler this very afternoon}
and people looking to pounce on the treasures you have placed in your cart.
Once you find your loot, you then pay by the pound.
Every Goodwill store is different.
This Goodwill outlet charges $1.49 a pound.
You can read more about a Goodwill Outlet experience here.

I can't necessarily tell you how much I paid for each piece, but I did weigh these four silver pieces together and it rung up to nearly $3.  So, around 75 cents for each item.

This metal tool box set me back a little more.
It's heavy.  It cost me around $4.
Had I known it was that expensive, I probably would have passed on it, but it is pretty cool don't you think?

Thankfully they don't charge you by the pound for furniture.  Most items have a tag on them.
This velvet chair was $1.99.
It's pretty awesome and not a tear or stain in sight!

So I may have lied.
There was one garage that I did stop at on Saturday, 
though not many brave souls were willing to have a sale the day after the fourth.
I found this antique high chair for $5.
It's in great shape.

I sort of like it the way it is,
though it could also be pretty awesome painted.
What do you think?
Paint it or leave it?

I'm hoping to find more garage sales this week.
I'm in a major dry spell.
What have you been finding?


Susan @ SunflowerHugs said...

I can't stop going to garage sales, but come mid August I start to get over it and want to sleep late on a Saturday.
Not many sales the weekend after July 4th, but the ones that did have sales I scored 2 coffee tables, 2 end tables and a small cabinet for $11 total. Of course they are all in the type of condition that requires them to be painted, but that is what I do, so I was excited!

Mindy said...

$1.99 for that chair?! Amazing! I want to do this sort of thing when my kids are a little older ( I WILL have more time then, right?!) :) Love seeing your finds and will have to check out the Goodwill Outlet — I've never heard of that before!

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