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This post first appeared at Design Dazzle as as guest post for their 4th annual summer camp series.

letters from camp final

I grew up going to sleep away camp for a week every summer.
I loved it!

It's sort of a right of passage now for my three kids.
Once my kids finish third grade, they get to sign up for a week of camp.

In their bags next to the sunscreen and bug spray I like to pack stationary.


I always waited with bated breath during mail call at camp when I was a kid, but never got a single letter.

Maybe that's why making sure my kids get a few notes from home during their week long stay is important to me.

As much as my kids like getting letters at camp, we like getting letters from them at home too.

news from camp

Which is why I created this stationary for them to send a note or two home.

I always include a self addressed stamped envelope as well.
You know, just to prevent any excuses and to make the process that much easier.


This year, my youngest son is going to camp for the first time.
A week is a long time to be gone.

I don't think he will miss me nearly as much as I will miss him!

Since sometimes writing letters is difficult for a young kiddo, I made up these easy fill in the blank camp letters.

camp letter

You should be able to right click on the letter below, save it to your computer and print it off.
I printed mine on cardstock and resized it to a 4x6 postcard size.
camp letter 3

I can't wait to hear all about my kids fun week at camp.

camper mail

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