Painted chevron tote bag

I recently found this small vintage zippered bag for a quarter at a garage sale.
It was plain.
And boring.
And cheap.
The cheap part is what made me buy it!
I knew I could snaz it up a bit.

I had frog tape shape tape leftover from a project last year.
It worked perfectly!
Just lay out your shape tape,
and remove the adhesive backing pressing down to seal the edges.

I used paint I had on hand.
I am a big fan of navy right now.
Especially with the clean white.
I let the paint dry and  removed the tape.

Now I have a much funner tote bag to put in my purse to keep the things that like to hide from me.
You know, things like your chapstick and pens!

What things hide from you in your purse?

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Unknown said...

I have a small zipper pouch like this in my bag and it is a little dull too. I keep insurance cards for the family and coupons etc. in it.

What kind of paint did you use?

And cute, btw! :)

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