Apps I love and you should try

I've only been a smart phone owner for about a year,
but like every smart phone owner says,
you can't imagine life without it!
I have a few apps that I loved and want to share with you.
The first is Pirq.
Pirq a digital loyalty app that offers discounts on local businesses.
Pirq is based locally, so it seems like it may only offer discounts if you are based in the Seattle area.
You are able to open the app, and it will pull up local business that you are geographically close to.
The two we use most frequently are Menchie's and Taco Del Mar.
There are often deals for 50% off your total.
The catch, is that a Pirq must be reserved.
The first time I use Pirq I saw a 50% off offer for Taco Del Mar between 5-7 pm.
When 5 rolled around, I realized that the deal wasn't available anymore.
You must secure the deal.
We waited until 7 to reserve a 40% off Pirq instead.
You can also use your Pirq to scan your loyalty cards and get virtual punches for your card.
Speaking of cards, Card Star is another one of my favorites.
I shop at a lot of different places and it seems like every place offers a loyalty card.
I can keep all of my cards in one place, listed on my phone.
I'm a huge music lover which is why I love Shazam.
If you hear a song you like, but don't know who the artist is, you can click on the app and Shazam can identify a song in seconds.
I was in Marshall's the other day and heard a song and busted out my phone to find out what the song was.
The app took me to the itunes store so that I could purchase the music
{or not}
and keeps a record of songs that you have Shazamed.
It even works on covers.
It was a huge help when we watched The Voice and we wanted to know the original artists of the songs.
I love free stuff, which is why I love apps gone free.
Every day the apps are refreshed and new apps are listed for free.
Apps that are offered usually range from 99 cents to $4.99 and are available for iphone and ipad.
I have yet to purchase an app thanks to apps gone free.
These are the apps I use most frequently and/or save the most money with.
What apps do you love?

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