Birch candle holder from faux pumpkin

The weather has officially turned and summer
{my favorite season}
is officially over.

I have welcomed in the new season with some fall crafting.
This fall I am drawn to candles, book pages, leaves and birch
and will be sharing projects all week with you that contain those elements.

Today's craft is a birch candle holder made from a faux pumpkin.

I started with a decorative pumpkin from Michael's and since decorative pumpkins are flammable, 
I picked up a flameless candle to go inside.

 You will also need birch bark,
{I got mine from a fallen tree from a storm last year}
a box cutter, and some spray adhesive.

I took the lid from the candle and traced around it on the pumpkin so that I could get the diameter right.  

You will need to cut the top and the bottom, since our candle is battery powered.
You want to be able to turn on and off your candle and change your batteries when needed. 

Slip your candle in through the top.
You want a snug fit, so make sure you cut a smaller hole rather than one that is a bit too large.
You can always make it bigger later.

I took my birch bark and spray adhesive outside and sprayed the glue to the pumpkin in small segments.  I stuck the birch bark on top of the spray glue and pressed in place.

Hold your birch back down for a few minutes to make sure it stays secure.
The wood likes to curl, so this step is important.
Cover the entire pumpkin repeating the process.

I love my new birch candle holder.
I love decorations that can easily be used for any holiday and this candle holder can hold it's own from early October until after Thanksgiving.

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It's easy!
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Jennifer Juniper said...

So rustic and pretty at the same time - I want to make some of these for our place up in the mountains!

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