Garage Sale Finds Friday Edition 41

Welcome back to another week of garage sale finds Friday.
Where I share with you some of my favorite garage sale finds from the week.

We all grew up with Pyrex dishes.
When I saw these Pyrex bowls in these fantastic blues and yellows, I knew I had to snatch them up!
The colors are amazing!
I got the whole stack for $5.

I love vintage tins so when I saw this vintage honey tin for $1 I was sold.
It still has great colors to it, and despite holding five pounds of honey, isn't the least bit sticky!

If you are from the Pacific Northwest you know all about Frango mints.
People out here love their Frango mints!
I didn't grow up here, but I can't tell you the amount of times I have heard the story about how kids grew up going to Fredrick and Nelson and getting a Frango mint!
This tin is from the Bon Marche, which was bought up by Macy's shortly after I moved here.
The nostalgia of it makes people out here think it's the best thing ever!

I'm not a smoker.
I don't think you should smoke.
Smoking is bad for you.
BUT, I love these tobacco tins.  
The graphics are cool.
The packaging is awesome, and the colors are pretty sweet.
What's not to love?!
I got the whole lot for $5.

So, what did you find this week at garage sales?
Anything worth writing home about?


Unknown said...

Frango Mints are awesome. I have a knock off recipe for them, but nothing compares to the real thing. You have some great finds. I used to have a really old cigar tin from my husband's grandparents. We lost it in one of our moves. I'm also not a smoker, but that was one seriously cool tin.

Susan @ SunflowerHugs said...

You got a lot of great stuff. I love the Pyrex!

Craftcherry said...

Those bowls are AMAZING. What a fantastic find.

Dairygodmother said...

Hello, just stumbled into your blog from Pinterest. I dont usually read blogs but I love your garage sale finds. The bright colors are so happy and I love vintage items. How do you display your finds without creating clutter?

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