Am I the only one wearing workout clothes to actually work out in?

Now that the kids are back at school, I have gotten back into running errands.
Sue me if those "errands" include a trip to Marshall's, TJ Maxx and Target.
There are a few obvious themes this time of year.
The most obvious one is getting back in shape and hitting the gym.
There are racks full of work out gear front and center in every store it seems.
I haven't bought any new workout gear in over a year and thought that it might be time to get a few new shirts, you know, while everything is on sale and all. 
But then I was hit with the reality that I don't think that people are actually buying these workout clothes to wear to workout in.
I know it's winter, but every single shirt available 
{o.k., maybe not every one, but close} was long sleeved. I can't even stand having a sleeve on my shirt when working out period. I end up rolling them up tank top style yo.
Case in point Lucy.  I used to buy all of my workout gear from Lucy but I struggled to even find a shirt that I could actually go to the gym in. There were 92 options for "tops" but only a third of those {yep, I counted for you. You're welcome.} were tank tops that looked like you could wear to work out in.
Lululemon was the same way.  Actually, lululemon was probably worse. I'm not sure I could workout in any of their shirts. They do have some great looking bottoms {as in pants.  I'm not talking about their models} though I have a drawer full of black capri's, tights and yoga pants so I'm all set there.

Target is having a big get fit event which is why I ended up there yesterday.  I was thinking I could find a shirt or two to go with my drawer full of aforementioned black pants, but alas, everything was made for running in the arctic.

So all this had me thinking.  Am I the only one actually wearing workout clothing to work out in?  Or has this become some uniform of sorts? Are the days of getting dressed and wearing jeans and sweaters over? Have we really come to yoga pants and expensive name brand workout apparel sweatshirts for everyday wear, vs just that, working out in?

Should I start changing out of my running pants in the morning after a workout and change into {gasp} more running pants to tackle my day? This seems like a thing.  Is this a thing?  And if this is a thing, where can I find a tank top to work out in if I can't turn to my normal go to's? Help!

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