My dream job

In July of last year, I had the chance to go to Uganda, Africa. It was a lifelong dream of mine and no joke, it lived up to everything that I would have ever expected or wanted.

This video still brings tears to my eyes as I watch it because it's everything about the trip that I imagined.  You can read the re-cap here and a reflection from a month later here.

I look back at pictures and I can remember the joy that I felt being on the ground in a country that somehow captured my heart as a child and hasn't let it go.  In fact, now it's grasp on me is even tighter!

{me with my sponsored child Moses and his father Richard and the chicken I was given as a thank you gift}

Which is why, when I saw that World Vision was running a contest for a dream job to Africa, I got excited! I know that one day God will bring me back to that country, but I'm human, sooner is always better!  

Please take a second to view my application and vote for me
If you would, leave a comment, since those are read for consideration as well.
This truly is my dream job and I would love to be the voice of the children who are celebrating access to clean water and I would love to advocate for those who are still waiting.

You can vote daily.
I would appreciate your vote!

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