What to watch this month

It's been a busy month for us.
We got off of the high of the holidays, and pretty much all of us hit a wall.
It's been hard to get back into a routine.
The older kids have finals and the oldest is not only cramming for finals, he's also studying for the SAT's that are conveniently on the weekend following finals week.
We are all looking forward to a long weekend {the kids have Monday off to celebrate the end of the semester} so we can recharge.
I fully expect lots of snuggle time with the littles and some down time with some Netflix.
I haven't watched a Netflix original series that I didn't like yet {Orange is the New Black and House of Cards are both amazing!}, so I can only imagine what's in store for us with Puss in Boots.

The very first movie I saw in the theater was Annie.  I loved it! It was my Frozen.  I'm pretty sure I can still remember every line. The kids will be super impressed I'm sure.

It's hard to believe but it's been twenty years since Friends came out. That was such a great series! I remember watching it every Thursday night! While the little kids are busy watching a show, I like to sneak a show or two in with my sixteen year old.  I think he will love this series!  Plus, it will get him out of his Top Gear rut.  Not that he's complaining!

What are you watching now?  I'm always curious to hear!

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