From Pin to reality

Please oh please tell me that I am not the only one who pins things on Pinterest only to have them get lost on your board, never to do anything with them again.  The genius that is Pinterest thankfully came up with the "oops" button so that stopped me from pinning the same thing over and over again, though I still have to go back to my old boards before that was available and clean up a bit.  Oops.
So I have decided to start a series called from pin to reality in the hopes that if I say it out loud to the rest of you, that I will be motivated to actually do something with the pins that I have saved on my Pinterest boards.
Here are a few projects and ideas that I am going to commit to trying this month.  
After I went on safari in Africa, I decided to buy myself a nice DSLR camera.  I have no idea how to take it off of automatic mode!  I pinned this great series called Shooting in Manual: step by step from Daily Mom and I need to spend some time getting familiar with my camera.
Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I always like making new decor every year. I am loving this sign from Tales of a Trophy Wife because it has the best mod podge graphic bee on it ever.  I have yet to try transferring a photo using mod podge, though I have all the supplies to do so.  While it may not be this project, I am hoping to transfer a photo with mod podge onto something this month.

Felt is my favorite fabric, so I think I will try doing some take on these felt heart trees from Lolly Jane.

I've been looking for cleaning vinegar but haven't found it yet.  I need to try this on my faucets.

I get totally stuck in a rut with my hair.  I have really fine hair that doesn't style in an updo very well, but I need to attempt to try at least one of the hairstyles that I have pinned on my hair board.

I am the worst about drinking water.  My daughter and I have a new year's resolution to drink more.  I have a plan to make a similar water bottle with the time listed on the the sides of the glass.

And finally, I have been meaning to make floating shelves in my kid's bathroom for ages.  I'm going to make that a reality this year.  There are lots of tutorials out there for floating shelves {pretty sure I have them all pinned on my for the home board} this one is from Tiny Sidekick.

Perhaps you can join me in my quest of taking your pins off of Pinterest and making them a reality by tagging @holycraft1 on Instagram and adding the hashtag #frompintoreality.  I will feature your projects and maybe send you a little something to create more projects with if you are featured. Hint get started!  Take those pins off of Pinterest and into reality!

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