Interchangeable photo booth props

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Photo booths are all the rage!  They are the most fun part of any party now it seems.  Michael's store has these super fun spring wood surfaces that I had the most fun decorating and creating with.

I think we have all seen the classic photo booth mustache, but have you seen it made into an interchangeable prop?  I did just that with a some fabric scraps and some Velcro.

There are lots of other fun wood shapes that you can pick up at your local Michael's store that would be great for your next photo booth.  Here is how I chose to decorate them.

Today, I want to share with you the step by step process of how I transformed plain wood shapes into fantastically fun photo booth props that will hopefully inspire you to go create some of your own.

I started with the crown.  Folk Art makes the best metallic paint hands down. My twelve year old daughter claimed this crown as her own and went right to work pouncing Folk Art gold paint onto the crown.

Once the paint was dry, we painted a layer of mod podge and applied gold glitter.

I used the same technique with the glasses, though this time, I wanted to make a plaid pattern out of the glitter.  I painted the mod podge on with a fine brush before applying the glitter to the glasses.

Didn't the glitter pieces turn out fun and sparkly?!

Next up was one of the mustaches.  I was completing my project on newspapers, and always a lover of newsprint and book pages, I decided to tear up small pieces of newsprint and mod podge it on to the wood.  I used a glitter mod podge to add a little pop.

I just love the glitter on the newsprint turned out.

And finally, while this mustache would have looked phenomenal just the way it was with a coat of black paint, I woke up one morning with a brilliant {I will try not to hurt myself too much by patting myself on the back!} idea.

I decided to add a piece of Velcro to the wood mustache and cut out several different fabrics to make the mustache interchangeable.

All I did was take a sharpie and the wood piece and traced the outline on the backside of the material.

I cut the mustaches out of the fabric

and added a small piece of adhesive fabric Velcro to the back of each piece of fabric.

TaDa! Interchangeable photo booth props!

Now that you have your collection of photo booth props, you can set the stage for some fun!

Only the royals wear glitter crowns and sparkly plaid glasses!

Goofy boys!

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Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

These turned out great. I really love the newsprint and glitter!

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