Valentine pipe cleaner tree

We barely got the Christmas decorations down before I started thinking about decorating for the next holiday.  I found a few supplies that I had on hand and made these Valentine's pipe cleaner trees.

It took me less than 10 minutes to whip up a few of these.  That's my kind of craft!

You will need:
 a dozen pipe cleaners for each tree
sticky tack
small jar or vase
scrapbook paper

Start with your 12 pipe cleaners.

 Twist the pipe cleaners together.

This is what your pipe cleaners will look like when they are all twisted tightly.

Pick and end and start untwisting your pipe cleaners.

Once you have the desired look of your tree, untwist about two inches of the bottom and form a base that can be stuck inside your jar and held down with your sticky tape.  I cut out heart shapes from construction paper and used a small hole punch to add the twine to hang them to my tree.

Aren't they a lot of fun?!  They are a great project for the little ones to work on.

What kind of Valentine's day projects are you working on?

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