What is our common denominator?

I'm not much of a sports fan.  I follow along enough to make occasional comments, but sports just aren't that fun for me when I don't actually know the people that are playing.  

I've lived in the Seattle area for nearly 15 years and in case you missed it, Seattle Seahawks just played an amazing game of football this past Sunday.  Well, the whole game wasn't amazing, just the last 20 minutes or so of it!  They showed up when it mattered, made some amazing plays and ended up pulling off a win when things didn't even look close.
I was at the gym the next day and what started out as one guy making a comment to another guy about the game the previous day and it became a whole cluster of sweaty men gathered together talking about football in the most animated and excited way possible.
Men have sports as a common denominator.  
We've seen it all before.  It could be as simple as a guy waiting for a layover at the airport in Kansas city.  One guy is sharing a bar stool next to another guy and the only thing they have in common is that they are drinking a beer.  Their faces glance up at the TV screen and one guy makes the comment "Wow! That guy is fast!" That's all it takes for a whole conversation to start.  Sports is a common denominator.
What do women have as their common denominator? 
Not to be sexist, but most women I know are just not that into sports.  The women I know who love sports typically have their sports focused conversations with men.  I don't know if I have ever heard a group of women swapping stories about the latest baseball stats.
Which had me thinking.  If a man's common denominator is sports, what is a woman's?  
My first thought was that it would be her kids or her family, but even then, I don't think that those conversations can span the gaps the way that sports does. If I enter a conversation with a bunch of new moms, I can barely hang anymore. 
Could it be shopping {too shallow?}, travel {not everyone loves it}, or perhaps something totally different.  I'm just curious. What do you think women have as their common denominator?

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