January memory verse free printable

It's a new year.
A fresh start.
A chance to reflect on the past year and look forward into the new year.
Sometimes this looking back and moving forward can stir up mixed emotions.

If I can be honest with you, I am not quite sure how this year will be able to even compare with last year.  I had amazing life changing experiences I'm not sure anything in the coming year will even be able to compare. I'm going into this near year already comparing it to the last knowing that it already pales in comparison. 

This coming year is a big year for our oldest son. He is a junior in high school and we have started looking into what his future holds for him. There are a lot of changes and a lot of circumstances in those changes that can produce worry and apprehension {have you even looked at how much college tuition is these days!!}

Our pastor preached on this verse during advent and it's stuck with me as a constant reminder of peace. I hope that as you enter into the new year you can experience that peace that only God can bring into your life.

If you would like to print this verse as a reminder, you may right click on it, save it and print it. Please use it for personal use only. 

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