From Pin to Reality

A few weeks ago I gave myself the challenge to start taking my pins off of Pinterest and start making them a reality. I came to report back to let you know how I did.  
I tried this and didn't have the best results. I looked all over to find cleaning vinegar and finally found it at my local Lowe's.  I made the salt and vinegar solution and let it sit for several hours. Unfortunately, I didn't really notice a difference. Thankfully, it wasn't an expensive failure, and I can use the cleaning vinegar for other things.

One of my goals was to try a new hair tutorial.  I was able to follow this braid tutorial and I made a really cute waterfall braid.  
Easy Braided Headband Hairstyles - hair tutorial

I really wanted to make a water bottle that would encourage my daughter and I to drink more water, but the tumbler I had on hand didn't have a removable insert for the vinyl.  I tried, so I consider that a success.  My daughter has been writing her own timeline on a disposable water bottle.  Same idea, and it works for her.

I was also able to get a book page project done.  I saw these hydrangea flowers made from book pages last year and loved the idea.  I finally made some of my own.  Thanks to Muslin and Merlot for the idea.
I started on the floating shelves that I mentioned in the last from pin to reality post. Here's hoping I can get those completed this weekend.  I didn't get to the photography tutorials this month, though I am hoping to sift through some next month.
I loved the accountability of this and am looking forward to seeing what I can conquer next month in the pin to reality series.  Won't you join me?  Simply create or make something that you have pinned on your Pinterest board, then take a picture of it and share it on instagram. Use the #frompintoreality and tag @holycraft1.  

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Terri said...

There's cleaning vinegar??? I use regular vinegar to clean my Pergo floors. Should I be using cleaning vinegar?

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