Free Superbowl bingo printable

The big game is coming up! If you are anything like me, I half pay attention to the game and mostly pay attention to the food.  The commercials are the thing that usually draws my attention, so I thought it would be fun to make a Superbowl commercial bingo game.

I used Skittles as markers of course, though you could use any candy of your choosing.

Seattle loves their Seahawks!  Skittles, especially blue and green ones have become a staple during game watching.  I found that if you get the wild berry pack, you can pick out the blue and green Skittles and you are left with Valentine's day colors.  A win win.

You can choose the prize that your winner gets.

Simply right click on the image {there are four different ones to choose from, make sure you have a different one for each player or you will have a lot of bingo's all at the same time!}, save the file to your computer, print and cut.  For personal use only.

Have fun watching the game!

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